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Jun 25 2013, 11:25 PM
Except unlike ABC I can already tell that should they decide to cancel them there will be no finale, they'll just end on whatever the last thing was they shot.
You're probably right about that, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think that they're having more problems getting viewers to watch/click than they're admitting, despite the dozens of tweets from their actors about how they're #1 on Hulu, etc. But I want AMC (at least) to succeed, if only to undo the damage they did when they broke up Zach and Kendall so that Zach could flit around town, free as a bird without a wife or kids (and heaven knows, they can't even be bothered to remember the names of his sons). I want Kendall back, I want Zach and Kendall back together any way it can happen, and I want the Kane women (including the one and only Erica Kane) back on the show. This version of AMC is not AMC without the Kane women front and center, and I'm not talking about a teenage Miranda. The Hubbards are great, but they're only a part of AMC. More Kanes, more Martins, more of what Pine Valley has been--that's what I want to see.
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