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Jun 25 2013, 11:32 PM
I wonder how it's going to work with just the 5. Does anyone even like Joanna? Lisa's half and half, I can't remember how Lea was, and the other two hate her.
I'm sad the cast was downsized from 8 (if you can't Alexia) to just 5. What I loved about Miami's second season was how much it resembled an actual soap opera. There were all of these over the top "characters." It really felt like an ensemble. Season 2 was so great. I don't know if Season 3 will be able to match. At least not from the looks of the trailer.

As for Joanna, I'm pretty sure Lea and her are new BFFs. That's one of the reasons Lea's friendship with Adriana fell apart. Lisa is friends with Joanna, but they seem to have some conflict as well due to Lisa's friendship with Adriana. And I'm pretty sure Alexia hates Joanna for insinuating her husband is gay.
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