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It true that Peter Reckell is coming to GH? Is he going to be a Jerome? Is he going to be Sam's daddy?

With all the pairing and unpairing, and even hoped for pairing, how about Liz with Dr. Silas Clay for a while. I like Liz with Nik but from all I have read that isn't the way things are going to go. Liz with AJ is boring. AJ with Ava Jerome might work. I also understand that the showrunners are bending over backwards to force a Carly-Franco pairing on us. Even the thought is horrifying. I HATE Franco in all his forms. The entire story of Franco as Jason's twin is BS of the highest order and totally lacking in credibility. I just don't buy it. It is so illogical and since it came from Heather I don't believe it at all.
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