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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

Jun 25 2013, 05:08 PM
It was nice seeing Jeana (and her kids), Tammy and Lynne. I thought it was really nice for all of the Keough kids to admit their biggest regret was the way they treated Jeana. They were awful towards her! Glad to see they're taking responsibility for how disrespectful they were. But then again, Jeana let them. I just love Jeana.

I'll miss Ana and Marysol. And Mama Elsa. All three will still be seen, just not as much. I'm glad to see Alexia back as a main housewife again.
I was glad to see that the Keough kids seemed to have realized how terrible they were on camera. I was also surprised to hear that Shane was acting. The trailer for his low-budget film is ridiculous/hilarious. Good for him though, he really seems to have grown up a lot.

Not going to miss Ana in the least. She was a total snooze last season and her desperate ploy to cause drama at the reunion was horribly executed. The trailer for the new season looks like it could go either way.
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