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NE Spoilers for the week of July 8th

Sam is horrified when she hears news from Silas

Michael is being blackmailed

Sabrina and Patrick question Britt's health

Ava reveals a hidden past relationship

Maxie has a visitor from her past

Sam confronts Alexis

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Titles and Previews

Monday ("Advice")
Maxie gives Connie some relationship advice; Morgan tells Ava that he is worried he is losing Kiki to his brother.

Tuesday ("The Beating")
Alexis witnesses Shawn and Sonny getting violent with Franco; Silas and Ava have an awkward encounter.

Wednesday ("Blackmail Attempt")
Michael and Kiki are taken aback by Brad's attempt at blackmail; Britt attempts to get in Emma's good books when she gives Emma a replacement doll.

Thursday ("Bone Marrow Donor")
Sam and Silas visit Heather with the hopes she could be a bone-marrow match; Molly and Rafe learn that Danny has a high fever.

Friday ("Alliance")
Ava and Franco discuss their alliance; Dante and Lulu talk about baby names; Ellie tells Spinelli about her new opinion about having a family.

Daily Spoilers week of July 8th

7/8, Sam hears horrifying news from Silas; Ava gives Morgan advice about Kiki.

7/9, Michael gets blackmailed; Franco tries to get things going with Kiki.

7/10, Sabrina and Patrick wonder about Britt's health; Ava makes a revelation.

7/11, Someone from Maxie's past visits; Lulu considers baby names.

7/12, Danny's health gets worse; Sam asks Alexis for her father's name.
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