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Been a crazy couple of weeks so I am just getting caught up from last week. Some comments from the show and what people are saying here.

1. Alexis is not only a hyprocirt but also an idiot. Shawn was working for Sonny what did you think he was doing...grinding the coffee beans Sonny imports.

2. Sorry Prince Boring is just that. and what is with his hair lately?

3. Still betting that some how they are going change Franco and Jason from being brothers. They clearly want Michael/Kiki.

4. I know I am in the minority but I like the Franco stuff. I do wonder if maybe if it is because I wasn't watching GH during the time when it was James Franco that I can just ignore a lot of the history and just see Franco as he is now. I think that if this was Franco all of the time, more might be on board with this story. Sure he is just Todd with a bad dye job, but I actually loved his version of Todd so I am okay with it. (Side note-TSJ was the first Todd I saw and loved his version as well. Fan of both.)

5. We are due for a Heather Webber on the loose event. ;)

6. Love that we have Anna and Dante as police because they actually have brains unlike they did in the Guza days.

7. Agree that every girl needs a Felix in their life.

Going back to my marathon. Maybe I can actually be caught up by tomorrow.
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