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"Relax nobody's having sex.... at least not yet"

Jun 26 2013, 02:45 PM
Goodness, I hate Tre.

LOVED LOVED LOVED Joe Gorga on Sunday night. I was actually CHEERING him on for being such a truth teller to his psychotic, egomaniacal sister. "I don't call my wife the c word, Theresa."

Joe Gorga also said in that confrontation that he tells his wife "shut up bitch" that is not any better than calling your wife a vajayjay....

JoeGo is a whiny ass bitch. He cries to Caroline about wanting his relationship with his sister to work and the first time he sees her he starts spouting off how he has to cry himself to sleep at night because Teresa ruined his relationship with his parents. What a bitch! He is the only son in an Italian family. You really mean to tell me that it's all Teresa's fault he is at odds with his parents?

JoeGo questioning how Juicy treats his daughters was DISGUSTING. How dare he?! Teresa isn't questioning Melissa's abilities as a mother even though she got a traffic violation for not having Antonia in a seatbelt and canceled Antonia's last birthday so she could perform "On Display" at a waterpark.

Melissa is a phony, conceited, lying bitch! She lied about going to see Papa Gorga in the hospital and has the nerve to act offended. I am with Teresa. If my father was possibly on his deathbed, I would most definitely be pissed that my brother and his wife showed up 4 days later without so much as a PHONE CALL. That is ridiculous. This is not a distant family member, this is a FATHER. Melissa also claimed Papa Gorga was her father so she can't play the "I am just an in-law" card with me.

Why did Melissa's thirsty ass need to bring up Tre at Rich and Victoria's party. Then Kathy's bloated ass wants to sit their crying about how she never did anything to Teresa. Ummm you talked trash about her parents, joined the show behind her back, let your gross husband diss her for years, and let your Nathan Lane looking sister threaten her at the reunion.

Rosie disgusts me most of all. She is so aggresive and acts like a ferocious beast. She is doing all this yelling saying "FUCK TERESA!" but next week she is calling Tre up saying they need to meet. Yeah Rosie needs airtime :eyeroll:

Jacq and Caroline are so boring and irrelevant, I do not know what to say about them. Lauren disgusts me also when she said Tre's kids were raised by wolves and if she were Melissa she wouldn't want Antonia around them.


Teresa is a goddess and they are all jealous.
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