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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

Jun 26 2013, 10:27 PM
Jun 26 2013, 02:53 PM
In the real world I can understand the idea that most of these woman should "mind their own business," but they are essentially getting paid to be in everyone's business. I do hope see an end to the family feud on NJ or a cast change, but who knows when/if that will happen.
If Caroline had a life outside of following behind Chris and Albie, she wouldn't need to be up in Tre and Joe's business to have relevance.

I wish Dina could come back and read the fuck out of Caroline's hypocritical, know-it-all ass.

ETA: Sorry for all the cursing in my post it wasn't directed toward the people I quoted I just really can not stand how EVERYONE blames their issues with Teresa solely on her without thinking they could have possibly contributed to the animosity or maybe Teresa was acting into retaliation to something they did to her.Teresa DOES have feelings also. They aren't the only ones who do. :)
We just have entirely different views on Teresa and the entire situation. I happen to find her just as repulsive as you find Rosie and Caroline, both of whom I don't mind. My point still stands though, that these woman get paid to be in each other's business, without that we wouldn't have a show, or they would leave/be asked to leave. Same goes for those who gripe when they bring up issues at parties or places where most people wouldn't, or would otherwise have a personal conversation with someone. If everyone on the RHs phoned each other and hashed it out one-on-one, there wouldn't be half the drama(and appeal for most watchers).
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