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Melissa is clearly a shameless fame whore, there is no question. But there is nothing innocent about Teresa either. The fact that she can't own up to a single mistake or deviate from her "everything is perfect" script is what makes her so infuriating. Melissa is inconsequential.

I still can't believe she thinks Joe calling her a vajayjay was OK because it was behind her back. WTF! Get some self respect. Joe's parenting has been on display for 5 years, there's nothing disgusting about pointing out the obvious.

And obviously Teresa is questioning Melissa's abilities as a mother if you as a viewer even know about a cancelled birthday party or water parks. Who do you think is leaking that?!

If Kathy was wrong for talking about Teresa's parents, and she admits she was, then Teresa's equally wrong for talking smack about Kathy's dead father. If it's ok for Teresa to go off at Kathy at the reunion for the remarks, then it was OK for Rosie to go off. To suggest only Kathy/Rosie were wrong is hypocritical.
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