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"Relax nobody's having sex.... at least not yet"

Teresa didn't call Kathy and Rosie's father a name. She made a statement that could either be true or not true. Just because their father is dead doesn't make anything he may have done in life irrelevant. Teresa only said that after Kathy called her father a name and Teresa said she was shocked that would come out of her mouth because sometimes her father was there for them more than their own father was. I mean... because he is dead it can't be addressed that maybe he was not there for his children? Kathy calling Tre's mother a liar and her father a coward was disrespectful because nobody was talking about them. Then Kathy proceeds to give a half hearted apology with an attitude and got even more attitude when Teresa didn't accept it after 5 seconds.

I know Melissa canceled her daughter's birthday to perform at a waterpark because she tweeted about it. Not because it was leaked to RadarOnline or any other gossip site.

As for Juicy calling her that word. It was horrible and wrong but we have no idea how she dealt with the situation. We have been watching Tre for nearly 5 years and we know she likes to keep up the image that she has fabulous daughters and an awesome husband with an even more awesome sex life. She will pretend like it's all good on camera but for all we know they could have had a huge argument about it. I notice this season Juicy hasn't been nearly as rude as he usually is. It is what it is. I am not one to judge why Tre stays in the marriage but I am sure her Italian upbringing and her daughters have a lot to do with that.
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