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Joe Giudice is a pig, no question about it. When someone's defense of you(Teresa of Joe) is to brush things off with "That's how he was raised," or "He/We have plenty of gay friends," or "It was a joke," you're really reaching and living in denial. Since season 1 we've seen him throw gay slurs, and derogatory remarks against woman. He is similar to Slade in the since that they get all mixed up in name calling with women, instead of taking the high road and staying out of it or defending their loved one in a respectable manner.

If the case is that Teresa handled things differently with Joe off camera, then she's being irresponsible to her fans and the casual viewer(like many of the women in the franchise). Look at how it's affected her kids. Joe/Melissa make have their fair of share of smack talking, but I've yet to hear or see their kids act out in any way similar to the Giudice children, nor do they show disrespect towards their uncle/aunt like the Giudice kids.
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