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Watching the feeds right now and Aaryn is intolerable. I'm not sure what happened before the feeds came on but for whatever reason Aaryn hates Elissa and she's laying into David for having anything to do with her. (This comes after a conversation that David and Elissa had earlier in which Elissa denied being MVP and putting David on the block.)

David says he won't talk to Elissa anymore. Aaryn says she's wasting her time with him.

Aaryn: I'm wasting my time here. I put myself on the line for you. Why are you even talking to her if you're with me? What was the point of talking to her? I felt like we were on the same wavelength but now I feel like everything I'm saying to you isn't registering. I told you to lay low. I feel like we're playing completely different games.

David: We're not playing different games. I just had to talk to her.

Aaryn: You look away when you talk to me. You told me you wanted to hear side of things, but if we're on the same team why does her side matter? She put you up and you want her side of things?

David: I don't know what I was thinking.

Aaryn: Why do we have to keep screwing things up, I don't get it?

David: I went up to her because, well what was I suppposed to do?

Aaryn: I told you she was a liar and if you trusted me you wouldn't talk to her!

David: Has she (Elissa) cried in someone else's face?

Aaron: That's it I'm done. (and walks off)
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