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Panda Panda
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Panda Panda
May 25 2013, 06:20 PM
After her wedding is called off, Peter Blake comes back to Salem to help Kristen deal with her latest heartbreak. While back in town a certain feisty blonde secretary catches his eye. . . .

Peter Blake/Nicole Walker: Peter, in town for Kristen, has more than just his sister on his mind. Things heat up between him and Nicole as he starts to work on a new community center project in collaboration with St. Lukes. Not knowing his true identity as Kristen's older biological sibling, Nicole develops a strong attraction towards Peter and begins to act on it which greatly upsets Eric as he recently began questioning his own life choices. But once Brady finds out about Peter, he warns Nicole that she's playing with fire.

Can Nicole resists Peter's charm and what about Eric? Will Nicole give up on the Holy Father just as he's about to give in?*

Meanwhile, Stefano catches wind of EJ's latest scheme to bring the Phoenix down and decides to teach his wayward son a hard lesson that bears repeating; A Phoenix always rises from the ashes but can the same be said about Elvis Jr?

Stefano/EJ: Stefano's many ears in Salem has heard stories of Elvis Jr plotting to take down the Phoenix himself. Stefano guffs at the idea but decides to teach EJ a lesson in family loyalty that he'll never forget. EJ is ousted from all DiMera companies and family run "businesses" but that's not all. Stefano has even taken EJ's DiMera identity from him! EJ has no choice but to, once again, make it in Salem as a non-DiMera, but with so many bridges burnt and milk spilt. EJ finds that there really is no place in Salem for a DiMera, even a defanged DiMera.

Still sore from Abby kicking his butt to the curb in favor of Cameron, Chad needs a distraction from his unsatisfied life by taking an interest in working with his family. But with his father and brother at war is it really the best time for Chad to delving into the DiMera family Business? Worry not, Chadsworth. Big brother, Peter is glad to take you under his wing!

Peter Blake/Chad: Not filling fulfilled with his shared Business with Sonny, Chad decides to take a swing at working at one his father's many subsidiaries; although he dismayed by his father and brother's fighting. Peter, in hopes of building a bond with his newly discovered brother, decides to hire Chad as his personal assistant for his brand new law firm in Salem. As Chad continues to spend time with Peter, he learns more about Stefano and the DiMera lineage which causes him to rethink about his place in the family dynasty.

With help from her family, Kristen picks her pummeled heart up off the floor and decides to win back Brady! But Brady's DiMera/Kiriakis blood is starting to boil and this bad boy is about to get badder. Kristen may want to run for cover. . . .

Kristen/Brady: Brady decides to break Kristen's heart the same way she did his. He plans to "rekindle" his relationship with Kristen long enough to be approved for baby to adopt. Only on the last day of the adoption process when they go to pick up their child, Brady reveals that he had Kristen sign dummy papers all along and there's no way in hell he would ever allow her to be a mother.

However, there's another threat looming for the Diva DiMera but is this Brady's doing or someone else's?

Kristen: As if things couldn't get any worse for Kristen, she sees a familiar face. . . . a face that she only knows from her Island Prison! Weeks after having her heart torn from her body and stomped on right in front of her, Kristen begins seeing a new therapist at the behest of Stefano, who is afraid of losing his daughter to her own insanity yet again. One evening while walking through HTC after her therapy session. Kristen spots an alarmingly familiar face in the window of a nearby cafe. It's none other than her Island captor! Kristen runs away in sheer terror only to be stopped by a nearby Roman and Hope who just got a fresh coffee refill for their long night at Salem PD. Seeing a hysterical, pale, out of breath Kristen, Roman and Hope decide to bring her to Salem university hospital to get her checked out. Once there Kristen reluctantly begins to tell her tale of captivity. . . .

To be continued. . .

Can Nicole resists Peter's charm and what about Eric? Will Nicole give up on the Holy Father just as he's about to give in?*

Father Eric/Nicole: After successfully getting the new school up, Father Eric is still doubting his place at St. Lukes. After some soul searching he realizes that he's no longer sure that the priesthood is his calling, so he decides to take a "sabbatical" to truly figure out what he wants in life.

Nicole having decided to focus on herself instead of her unrequited love for the handsome Father, starts to spend time with another handsome man; Peter Blake. Her new relationship with Peter encourages her to fight for her job back at Titan TV and to move out of the rectory and into her own apartment.

Upon hearing about Eric break from the church, Nicole goes to find him in a last ditch effort to gain his affections but she may be too late as Eric is sitting at the train station contemplating leaving Salem again to find himself. . . .
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