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Jun 26 2013, 01:21 PM
Adrienne is wrong, but its not that out there to me. She knows how parents can screw up their kids. Even though Will seems like a good kid...Sonny almost got killed. All of her worries were really close to being realized and she needs someone to blame for that. Plus she knows how her, Jack, and Steve turned out at first. She might not want Sonny to have to try to "fix" Will like people had to help them through their issues. She's a mother and Sonny is a such a great kid. Adrienne might want him to just find someone who doesn't have as much baggage as Will does. I can totally see where she's coming from, even if I don't agree with her or her methods.

Plus like I said, Judi Evans is killing it with this material and that makes it a lot easier to swallow. Adrienne was pretty ballsy today.
Even though it was not Will's "fault",if Sonny was not involved with Will,his life would not have been in danger.Because of his relationship with Will,Sonny is now involved in a conspiracy to suppress evidence in a murder investigation.Will has often engaged in illegal behavior because of Sami.He helped conceal her shooting EJ and even attempted to steal Arianna's purse to get the video of Sami confessing to the shooting.He helped her when she went on the run with EJ after Stefano was "shot".Now he is involved in concealing the Sami/Bernardi video.As long as Sonny is involved with Will,Sonny will be pulled into Sami drama and I for one do not blame Adrienne for not waning her son in jail,maimed,or killed.
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