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GH is been mainly turn the channel or hit the mute button. Felix is everywhere in everyone business, TJ/Molly/Rafe/Taylor is a nothing but a copycat storyline from the B&B with the Lope/Steam triangle from hell. Alexis judging Shawn for his actions but gives free passes to Sonny all the time. Baby storyline dragging at snail pace. My hypothesis about Britt baby is her mother revenge on Anna for taking Faison from her. Patrick/Sabrina :puke:
Y&R taking to long to tell Jack and Summer the truth.
B&B, Bill does immoral and illegal acts and gets away with them and yet Taylor is treated as public enemy number one. Brooke destroys another marriage and some fans thinks its okay. Liam/Hope/Wyatt is nothing but a w/r/r of Ridge/Brooke/Nick.
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