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I was SO happy when MAB got the ax and I thought they were going to try to restore the show to its former glory but lo and behold they brought in a woman with a fat head that is walking all over the top of Sony and CBS, making decisions based by nepotism rather than sound professional choices that would in fact help the program instead of carrying on where the last hacks left off. Don't get me wrong, this guy is PRO MAB. No doubt about it. Is a matter of fact I think he is her neighbor. That being said he does have a case about the shape of the show. And I agree with him on some levels. The newbies are more prolific than they were under MAB's reign of terror but these hacks have made them the mainstay of the show. They are front and center with their bullshit stories day in and day out. Whether you like them or not, I resent the hell out of it when a veteran that can be written for is relegated to the backburner or scorched the way Sharon, Phyllis, Billy, Nick, Lauren, Lily, Chloe, etc. have been just to prop the latest newbie on the block. It would have been different if the newbies had been hired with a story in mind that mixed with a veteran character but they weren't and the recasts are just as horrific. NuAbby and NuKyle just do not fit my image of Young and the Restless. And my image of romance no way no how stacks up to this group of hacks vision. When did screwing become romance in the afternoon? It started with MAB but this group has done NOTHING that special that would give them any of my support. They have had plenty of time to fix this mess but all they did is feather their nests and employ their friends and family at a severe cost to the show and its long time viewers.

When Phyllis kissed Kyle I realized with great certainty that this show has HUGE problems and they rest at the feet of the Sony and CBS for not recognizing the same shit they saw before and once again doing nothing to stanch the hemorrhaging.
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