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Jun 30 2013, 01:11 AM
Jun 29 2013, 09:25 PM
Jen Lilley @jen_lilley
we heard you Chicago! we're comin for you! @CaseyDeidrick, @ChandlerMassey, @Nathanjowens, @BlakeBerris Tix here:
No offense to the actress, but, just like the tweet about her character needing a sister, this sounds odd coming from her because no one has seen her character yet on Days. Obviously, she has her own fans separate from the show, but it still comes across as odd because people can't really be clamoring for her to appear in the line up with the other Days cast members she mentioned because they have no idea who her character is.

It's yet another reason why the four-month lead time for taping is a bad idea.

I don't understand all of this hate toward Jen. It seems she did these fan events when she was on GH and wanted to get some fan events in probably before summer is over. She has fans that ask her on twitter to do them as it seems she does have a pretty big fan base. So she put something together. She even asked fans who they'd like to see go with her. I think it's great that somebody on this show knows how to put fan events together. This cast doesn't do fan events enough. Too bad the younger actors on this show didn't come up with doing fan events a while back. I think they could have tried selling themselves a bit more. She obviously isn't making this about herself as she I am sure she knows a good majority going want to meet the guys.
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