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Jun 28 2013, 09:31 AM
Monday July 1st: An emotional run-in with Marge shakes Sami; Abigail admits to having second thoughts about keeping Sami's secret; Justin tells E.J. there's a hitch in his plan; J.J. catches his mother and Daniel kissing.

Tuesday July 2nd: Sami's fate is sealed; Eric finds proof of what happened to him; Will overhears Sonny talking to an old friend; Nick and Gabi make a decision about their relationship; Victor questions Nicole's motives for working at the church.

Wednesday July 3rd: Kristen gives Brady a cryptic warning; Jennifer tells Daniel they need a break; J.J. meets a mysterious girl; Will worries he is holding Sonny back; Justin and E.J. worry Stefano has found them out.

Thursday July 4th: Eric suffers a relapse of his illness; Daniel's investigation put Kristen at risk; Jennifer and J.J. fight; Gabi opens up to Abigail about her living situation.

Friday July 5th: Jennifer lets J.J. off the hook so they can spend a day with their family; Abigail runs into Cameron and Chad; Will becomes increasingly insecure about Sonny; Adrienne comes close to making a discovery.

1. Go Marge!!! Shake Sami out of her boots!

2. I sure hope the jury immediately gives the verdict of lethal injection (but we know that won't happen so wishful thinking).

3. EJ, a TRUE Di Mera with his own balls does NOT worry about being found out by his father that his own son is screwing over him. SMH. I hope Stefano pulls a very fast one on you that you spin so fast and fall flat on your butt.

4. Poor Eric. Kristen, please don't tell me that the only way you can stop Daniel is to get "lucky" with him as well? EWWWW.... I hope not .

5. zzzzzzzzz......
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