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Jun 30 2013, 08:55 PM
Chemistry is subjective but I really think if NBC thought that they had no chemistry that they wouldn't go to great lengths to cut all ties and keep them from sharing scenes. I do think NBC noticed their chemistry and cut all their ties because it would take away the limelight from another pairing. IMO
Isn't this kind of like when EJ/Taylor were supposedly in love, EJ/Nicole still outshone the writer's scarfmance choice by a 1000 leagues. I think they learnt from their mistake (keeping Nicole around EJ) and completely cut ties between EJole and the death of the baby served two purposes, permanently sever EJole ties and Dannifer angst when Nicole false;y accused Jennifer of killing her son. It's all mind-boggling because if EJole weren't so good together (and apart but still in each other's orbits) the suits would not need to go to these lengths to keep them apart to sell EJ/Sami.
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