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Will overheard Sonny and Adrienne talking on Friday and Sonny told her how much he loves his life with Will and Ari and he never felt like this before his whole life. He loves Will and Will even told Sonny he heard what he said and Sonny told him he meant everyword and he said you better. This week I guess at a picnic or something that Will over hears Sonny and Brent talking and I guess from the spoilers Brent is not to keen on Sonny boyfriend with him having a baby I guess that is what he is going to refer to and it also said that Brent was Sonny's party buddy so maybe he tries to remind Sonny how they use to be and how he could be free to do what he wants but Sonny defends Will and his relationship. But then Will thinks he is holding back Sonny from doing the things he wants or wanted to do and he thinks that Sonny will regret letting Gabi and baby move in. Hence his insecurities that he will lose Sonny that is his fear that Sonny will get tired and walk away and he will lose him again. I really hope that we get to see Sonny and Will talk about all of this and they have alone time to hash things out and not be interrupted this time, they seem to always be interrupted.
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