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Okay, so I am watching this episode..

I am loving Chad and Abby. Especially since this is the first time I actually get to see Chad... and this Abby...
Kate doesn't seem to age at all! But she does seem awfully skinny.

Chandler has gotten hotter since the last time I saw him. And I still love him.

So Sami and EJ are together now? Ew. And Will and Sonny are their supporters? Double ew!
I despise the way James Scott speaks. It just seems so fake somehow..

How did Kristen get Eric to sex her up again and again? I thought she drugged him to make it LOOK like they were having sex...

I didn't see Nick yet, but all the things that Kate says about him are just repulsive to listen.. It's such a shame they trashed his character. He was so awesome and unique.

Kate Mansi is so pretty. Can't believe I hated her as Abby when it was announced she was coming on the show.

What kind of a hotel is this?! Where personnel gives out wrong wrong numbers (on purpose!) to people and lets them disturb other guests?!

I'm loving Freddie Smith. And I actually don't mind Camila Banus.

Oh, now the hotel manager says that it's not their policy to disturb their guests? Yet they had no problem telling Nicole the wrong number and have her disturb other people she doesn't even know.

I don't really like Cameron. Nor Cameron and Abby.

So Will is worried that Stefano will get away with attempted murder, yet didn't he attempt to kill EJ and got away with it?

Okay, if everyone knows Sami shot a cop, why is she walking around happy and free?

I already love Nicole and Eric. Love them!

And the cliffhanger with the manager stopping Kristen (who I also LOVE! Eileen is fab!!) is such a fake cliffhanger.. I can tell already. LOL It's something JER would do.

Onto Tuesday...
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