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So Tuesday is on..

I love this younger set.. I love them all. But is Abby stupid or what?! Like she couldn't tell that Chad is into her.

Shouldn't Nicole call a doctor, instead of repeating: You have to be okay.

I'm bored by Jennifer and Daniel.

Blake Berris is so amazing. I love him. I hope they really redeem Nick. I wish they would get Chelsea back for him. Loved those two together.

Aww, watching Will and Sonny makes me miss my boyfriend.. :(

Wow, first time watching Daniel and I'm already annoyed by his super-doctor-powers. And the praising... But I do love this storyline with Kristen and Eric. I have no idea why Kristen is doing, yet I am so into it and enjoying it. Loving Eileen. The end with that dude and Kristen throwing a glass was great. Also, the way the show ended with a quick stop, instead of fading to black was very good and dramatic. Nice stuff.

I didn't really like this episode. It was pretty meh.. (aside from the Kristen stuff) I'll watch Wednesday later..
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