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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1: As he watches Dan and Jen kiss JJ declares this is perfect. He opens the door. Mom, I thought I heard you out here. Oh ... I thought you were alone. He thought she wanted to talk. She does. JJ thought she would be alone, sorry. He closes the door.

EJ is surprised to see Justin at the front door of the mansion. He thought they were meeting at the courthouse. They were. Justin tells him to come outside. Your plan to take control of your father's empire has hit a snag. EJ asks - How bad a snag? Justin - It could upend your entire plan. They are in the living room now. Justin just got a call from Mr. Schinn, apparently he has some problem with backing this takeover. EJ states that his vote is critical. That bastard just can't change his mind. I'll call. I sold him on the idea once before, I'll sell him on the idea again. Justin asks if he knows what time it is in Toyko. EJ doesn't care. This is my one chance to destroy my father and I'm not going to let it slip through my fingers.

Hope, in uniform, finds Roman sitting at the bar at the Pub drinking. She comments it's a little early for the hard stuff. Are you okay? Roman replies that he's just been relieved from duty from a job he loves and his daughter may be facing life in prison - he's just dandy.

When Mrs. Bernardi approaches Sami saying she wants to talk Sami tells her that if she had any idea the memorial ... Chad walks up to Abby who is listening. He greets her. She shushes him. Chad - Is that Sami and the cop's wife, that can't be good. Sami says this is a horrible day for you, talking to me is not going ... Mrs. Bernardi - Damn it, you murdered my husband, the least you can do is hear me out. Chad thinks Sami might need some backup. Abby prevents him from interfering. Sami tells the widow to say what she needs to say. Mrs. Bernardi keeps going over it all. It's like a tape loop she can't stop. Because of you I don't have a husband and my son doesn't have a father. And if that wasn't enough you keep trying to destroy Joe's memory. Sami - I'm sorry, but I know what I saw. Mrs. Bernardi - And I know, knew, my husband. The guy I fell in love with, the man I married, the man who fed me ice chips when I was in labour with our son. You are wrong about him. Please say you made a mistake. Your friend was in a coma. You must have been in a state. Maybe you saw something or thought you saw something that you really didn't see. Sami - If I said that I would be lying. Mrs. Bernardi - You said Joe had a weapon and nobody can find it. Why? Why do have to ruin Joe. You never even knew him. Sami - You're right, I didn't know your husband and my heart goes out to you and Timmy but I swear to you on the life of my children that that man had a weapon and if I hadn't stopped him he would have killed Rafe Hernandez.

Segment 2: Roman is convinced that no matter what Sami has done in the past she wouldn't shoot an innocent man. What bothers him is that he didn't know Joe Bernardi was dirty. Hope - You're convinced he was? Roman is but feels he's in the minority. What he hears is that Abe is putting together a hero's funeral for the guy. Abe comes up - also in dress blues. Right. The department is in a rough position. There's no hard evidence Bernardi was corrupt and he's not around to defend himself. The mayor and the department have taken a lot a lot of heat to give him a proper service. Roman understands that there's nothing else Abe can do. Abe tells him to hang in there. He tells Hope it's time to go.

Jen is going to go in and talk to JJ. She'll call Dan later. Thank you for coming. Dan is going to say something but stops. He says he should go and he does. Jen goes into the living room. Jen tells JJ what he saw out there ... JJ tells her she doesn't have to explain. I get why you hate me so much.

EJ is on his cell. After the call he says that should put the fear of God in him. Justin says good. We really need to get to Sami's hearing. EJ - Everything she's going through is my father's doing. Justin - Her life would be a lot easier if we could prove that. EJ - We can't. Justin - The defence is allowed to present an alternative version of what happened. EJ points out that they don't have any evidence. Justin - Stefano would really skip town and leave the mother of his grandchildren to bear the brunt of all this? EJ - Without blinking an eye. Why do you think it is that I am so desperate to destroy him.

Mrs. Bernardi asks if Sami's son, that is Timmy's age, is his father his hero? Timmy idolized Joe. You are taking away the only thing he has left. He's going to grow up thinking his father was a crooked cop. Is that what you want? Sami - No, of course not. Mrs. Bernardi - Then for God's sake stop. Please change your story. Stop lying. Abe tells her to stop. Hope adds that she doesn't want Timmy to see this. You don't want him to hear you. She goes to her son but she stops and turns to Sami. I hear you're going before the Grand Jury today. I guess you think you'll get off because your father is the Police Commissioner and your fiancÚ is a DiMera but I still believe in justice and you will pay for murdering my husband. Chad tells Abby they should get the hell out of here. Hope is sorry this happened to Sami, especially today. Sami asks Hope to help her and make sure the family doesn't find out about the hearing today, especially Grandma. She's really worried about her, doesn't want her to get upset. Hope just saw her father. He's at the pub. Hope wishes her luck. Sami leaves.

Segment 3: Sami goes to see her Dad at the pub. Roman says because he was put on ice by the mayor he doesn't know much of anything. Sami knows how much he loves his job and he's in this mess because of her. You must be so tired of me screwing up. Roman - If you don't know how much happiness you bring to my heart then I'm not doing a very good job as your dad. I love you so damn much. You listen to me. Don't you worry, whatever this is, I know it's not your fault. They hug.

Chad and Abby are at the coffeehouse. Abby feels so sorry for that woman and little boy. She doesn't want Will's mom to go to prison but she feels that Mrs. Bernardi deserves to know the whole truth. Did you see that little boy? He looked so alone. Chad insists they need to keep quiet. It isn't any of our business. Abby - Why isn't it? Didn't you see Sami having a huge fight with Bernardi? Chad - That wasn't her fault. Abby - How do you know? Chad - Because my son of a bitch father was behind all of it.

Jen doesn't hate him, she never could. JJ - You're into Daniel now. He thinks I'm a criminal. Jen - No he doesn't. JJ - That's what he called me when he caught me with the prescription pad. Jen didn't know that. JJ - He thinks that I'm some kind of a drug dealer and he thinks that I trashed his car but I didn't do any of that stuff and I never, ever would. I don't know why he hates me so much but he does and from what I can see he's trying to turn you against me too. Jen insists that is not true. No one could ever turn her against him and she also says Dan isn't doing that. JJ says he got arrested and 5 mins later he's here to tell you what a loser I am, right? Jen - He came over here to find out how I was. Daniel is not the issue. JJ insists he is. Do you want to know why I was shoplifting today. It was because of him.

Maggie comes over to Dan's place to see her grandson. Parker is at the park. He'll have the sitter bring him over later. Maggie senses something is wrong. Dan says yeah and I keep making it worse.

Justin and EJ arrive at the hearing room. EJ says Sami is late. Justin tells him to relax, she'll be here. Justin introduces Melinda Trask to EJ. Melinda has been appointed the special prosecutor on Sami's case. EJ doesn't understand why the case requires a special prosecutor. She replies - I'm sure you'd prefer a situation where your family and the Brady family could trample due process but the judge thought otherwise. Justin - This is a pretty high profile case and Melinda here, why she just loves the spotlight. She protests - I took this case because I believe in justice and with a big gun like Justin heading up the defence the people deserve equal firepower; someone who has already beaten him. She steps away. EJ - She's beaten you before? Justin - We're one and one. Sami arrives. I thought these hearings weren't going to be made public knowledge. Justin - They're not. Sami - Well Marge Bernardi knew all about it. EJ - You saw her. Sami- Yes I did and she made it clear she can't wait to see me fry.

Segment 4: Sami - The last thing she said to me was that she was going to make sure I paid for murdering her husband. Justin - This is a grief-stricken woman whose husband had a dark side that she didn't know anything about. Sami is told it's time. She goes into the hearing room.

Maggie hears that JJ has been arrested for shoplifting. Dan says Jen was a wreck when he got there; he's sure she's worse by now. Maggie - Why? Dan - JJ caught us kissing. He thinks it looked to JJ that she didn't care about him. Maggie says that is far from the truth. Dan - But she feels so guilty for not being there after Jack died and he could see that JJ feels she's not concerned about him. Maggie says that JJ is old enough to understand that Jennifer has enough room in her heart for you and her children. Dan says he may be old enough but he doesn't think JJ gets that.

JJ - Daniel was convinced I stole the prescription pad to sell drugs. Jen - Right. Poor you, everyone misjudges you. JJ - I knew he would try to sell you on that and you would decide he was right. So I figured I might as well hang out with that moron Cole. Jen - And make it worse by shoplifting. How did you think that would work out. I figured since you already think I'm a total loser what difference does it make what I do.

Melinda Trask addresses the jury reminding them they are not here to determine guilt or innocence. They are to examine the facts of the case and decide whether they are strong enough to indict Samantha Brady on 2nd degree murder. She starts by showing a picture of the victim. She gives his name and his job.

Abe talks about Joe Bernardi and talks about the awards he received and why.

Sami is asked to take them through the events of the night in question. Sami tells exactly what happened.

Another cop talks about how Joe was going to be his wife and his new baby's godfather. He was my partner, my best friend ... the best man I've ever known.

Ms. Trask brings up the fact that Sami was carrying a gun. Sami says she had the gun in her hand already because she had been digging through her purse for some aspirin for her bad headache. So when I saw that he had that straight razor in his head ... Ms. Trask jumps on that. In your original statement you said he had a knife. Sami says it happened so fast. She saw the blade, the handle and figured it was a knife. She's asked why she changed her mind. Sami replies that she was hypnotized to help her recall all the specific events of the night. I was asked to remember everything and that's when I realised it was a straight razor. Ms. Trask - Has it been found. Sami - No but I know it was there. I saw it ... Ms. Trask - As you were being hypnotized. Sami - No, that night. I knew he was threatening Rafe's life with something sharp but then I was realised it was a straight razor. Ms. Trask - Was it a police psychiatrist that hypnotized you. Sami - No, it was my mother. She's a psychiatrist. Ms. Trask scoffs. Sami insists he had that razor open. I couldn't just stand there and watch him slit Rafe's throat with it. I had the gun in my gun and I fired. There was nothing else I could do. You have to believe me.

Segment 5: Sami apologises for getting emotional; it's just very difficult for her to talk about what happened that night. Ms. Trask asks if any of them have questions. A guy wants to know why she didn't scream for help before firing the gun. Sami didn't have time to weigh out her options. She just had a couple of seconds and all she could think about was protecting my ex-husband. Ms. Trask - So shooting him wasn't personal. Sami - No. All I was thinking about was Rafe. Ms. Trask - And you didn't know Det. Bernardi from the police dept. You had no prior relationship or animosity toward him before that night. Cue flashback of fight.

Outside the room EJ paces. He should be in there with Samantha. Justin - All Sami has to do is tell the truth. She should be fine. Sami is instructed to answer. Sami says she may have seen him around the police dept. Ms Trasks adds where your father and Aunt are both police officers. Sami - Correct but I've never had a personal relationship with him. A guy asks if she recognised him before she shot. Absolutely not! I couldn't even see his face. It wasn't until later that I found out who he was and that he was a police officer.

Mrs. Bernardi cries as a cop gives Timmy the folded US flag.

Guy - In terms of motive ... Sami - I didn't want to kill Det. Bernardi. I didn't even want to hurt him. All I could think about was stopping him. My only motive that night was to protect my ex-husband.

Maggie says that JJ will get through this phase someday. Dan hopes it's soon. Maggie asks if she's keeping him from something. No. He's waiting for a delivery. He ordered Parker a new train set and he wants to have it all set up before he comes home. Maggie is looking forward to seeing him later. She asks if she should call first before bringing him back. Dan says please. He thanks her for listening. Maggie assures him she won't repeat any of this. Outside his door Maggie mutters - I hope you won't be too angry with me.

Jen tells JJ - You aren't stupid and you aren't a baby and you knew exactly what you were doing and you decided to do it anyway. You are responsible for your actions. And it doesn't matter how you feel about Daniel because you're still going to have to pay for what you have done. So now you are going to go to class and you are not going to miss class and right after class you are going to go to that store and you're going to apologise to the owner of that store and tell her you stole from her and ask her what you can do to make things right. Is that clear? And if you think I'm not going to check up on you to make sure you are doing these things you are sadly mistaken. And right after you're finished at the store you are going to come right back to this house and we're going to talk about you're punishment. We're going to talk about how you can regain my trust in you again because you have blown it sky high. Don't mom me. Go to class. JJ leaves. Outside he mutters ... I'll go to class after I make one quick stop.

Sami comes out. She thinks it went well. Justin asks if she was questioned by the jurors. She says yes. One guy asked me what I was thinking about when I pulled the trigger and I told him the only thing I was thinking about was Rafe and he seemed convinced. Justin - Excellent. Sami asks how long it will take for them to make a decision. Mrs. Bernardi - I doubt it will take them long. I'm sure they looked at you, listened to you and came to the same conclusion that I did; that you deserve to rot in prison for the rest of your miserable life.

Segment 6: Chad returns to their table. Abby can't stop thinking about what he said about his father. Chad - He sent Bernardi to kill Rafe. EJ says the same thing. Abby - Can you prove it? Chad - Of course not. The great Stefano DiMera knows how to cover his tracks. He left the country the day after Bernardi was shot. Do you think that was a coincidence? Abby - Does Sami know about this? Is that why she was going off on Bernardi in the video? Chad doesn't know. All he knows that it's tough being Stefano's son and be prays to God that he doesn't turn out like him. Abby - You're nothing like him. You never will be. Chad - Maybe no matter how hard I fight it I'll always end up doing what Stefano would.

Dan rushes to the door clad in a towel. It's JJ. Expecting my mom Daniel?

Jen opens the door to Maggie. She asks if JJ is here. No, he's in class. Why did you want to see him? Maggie was hoping he wasn't there. Daniel told me what happened today. Jen wishes he hadn't done that.

Sami says the prosecutor had it in for her. Justin tells her to take it easy. Justin goes to Mrs. Bernardi. I don't know how long this is going to take. Maybe you should head home and spend some time with your son. She says her parents are with him. I'm not going anywhere. We mourned my husband today and I want to be here when justice is done. Sami goes to get some water. Justin tells EJ he just got a text. Apparently Mr. Schinn is back on board. EJ - Let's hope he stays that way. Justin - Maybe this is a sign that everything is going to work out for you and Sami. EJ - Wouldn't that be pretty?

Segment 7: Abby reminds him that no one has been as hard on him about his father as she was. I was self-righteous and judgemental. But the reason for that is because I didn't want them to change you but I should have known they could never do that. Chad - I'm not as sure as you. Abby understands how he feels. My dad's biological father was physically and emotionally abusive. Chad - You've never told me that. Abby - It's not something I like to talk about. Grandfather's are supposed to be these twinkly eyed guys who take you fishing and pull quarters out from behind your ears and stuff. Duke was the opposite of that. When I got older my dad used to always tell JJ and me when he got angry he thought he was turning into his father. But my dad was a good man with a good heart and we were never scared of him. So you are no more your father than my dad was his and you never will be. She wouldn't be saying that if she didn't believe it.

Jen apologises. I know you only want to help. Maggie says Dan only confided in her because he feels so bad for you as I do. Jen needs to figure out how to hand JJ on her own. She just can't talk about it right now. Maggie leaves.

Dan is expecting a delivery person. I don't know why you're here but I need to get dressed. JJ - I know you think you can turn my mom against me but you can't so stop trying. He leaves. Dan gets a text from Jen. I need a little time to figure things out. In the meantime please stop discussing JJ's problems with other people. That's beautiful he mutters as he throws his phone down.

A guy comes out. The verdict is in. Justin tells her that means the Grand Jury has made their decision.
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