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I'm not liking Zach and Lea. Carolyn Hinsey is reporting that the actress' real life pregnancy will result in the "budding romance" changing direction, for which I'm very grateful.

I'm surprised at how much I like Colby and David, and JR and Cara. Those are some unusual combos who work, IMO.

The Cassandra storyline is very intense and I'm tired of all the crying but it is well acted and believable.

I'm mostly grateful for the veterans who are finally taking center stage more than the newer characters and the SORASed kids. That needed to happen.

Otherwise I look forward to seeing what headwriters who actually know the show and the vets can do. McPherson wrote for the newer characters too much and too easily, maybe because she didn't have enough time to do her homework on AMC as a whole, and I hope to see even more improvement from the newer headwriters.
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