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Nice, long interview with some spoilers.

Ha! We were right about "Jordan" being the name of CS's character based on the tweetpic of the script. I like that she's not going to be shoved front-and-center all the time right off the bat like so many new characters. Sounds like we are going to get a slow build for Jafe too which is good to hear.

So Will isn't being re-cast and the door is always open to CM. I wonder if that means Will and Ari leave town or if he's thrown in jail for EJ's shooting. It will be strange to have a character who seems so integral to the canvas leave. I'm pretty bummed about no Will.

EJ going darker is a welcome direction. I've been wanting Ejami to get some real angst and it sounds like they are going to have it. I like the idea of Ejami having to constantly work through trust issues despite the fact they love each other. That's appropriate for their characters.
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