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Jul 2 2013, 04:09 PM
Jul 2 2013, 03:31 PM
If Drake really is gone and this is the way his character is written off (first utterly destroyed, something we all can agree on, and then no exit-storyline and let's not forget destroying J&M along the process), I really couldn't hate this show more at the moment. I don't care if this last year has been awful acting by Drake. Days should pay a lot more respect to an actor that was a big part of DOOL's success back in the day / to a person who has dedicated over two decades of his life to the show. I can't even find powerful words enough to express my frustration with Days..
1. The character of John was destroyed many years ago with sub-sex, and then having his origins rewritten by every writing regime.
2. Feel free to disagree but Days doesn't need to "respect" any of their actors - it's a cut throat industry and there are a 1000 plus actors would kill to have a role on a soap as it is steady employment. And it is not like Hollywood was bashing down Drake's door during either of his hiatuses. You might not care if Drake acted awfully this last year, but the show does as do plenty of viewers. His previous 2 departures had zero effect on ratings (maybe they even boosted), so it's not like anyone can claim the show will fall apart without him if history is a guide to the future. Good stories make a show, not actors.
I didn't say that only because I'm a J&M-fan. I would be and I am so angry every time Days treat their vets this way because I have enormous respect for the vets instead of all the newbies. Hell, I'd be shaking my head in disapproval even if Ali Sweeney / Sami got such an exit, despite how much I've grown to hate her character.

You say good stories make a show, not actors, and I disagree. It takes both. A great script wouldn't mean anything if the actors didn't have the talent to play all the nuances and big emotions in it (I'm now talking more generally because we all know Drake isn't the most talented one of the cast). And since Days really cannot write good stories anymore (or maybe I just have higher standards here), the cast matters to me. As long as Days is incapable of writing new characters so that I'd be drawn to them, I need to see familiar faces.

And don't get fooled, even though I'm a die-hard J&M-fan, I really wouldn't mind that much if J&M went off-screen - as long as I knew they're happy and together. Because I, too, believe Days should try to build new stable core couples if they realistically speaking wanted to think of staying on air after the 50th anniversary. But I do mind a LOT when they destroy their golden supercouples. J&M isn't the first case. If they don't want to write for J&M, fine, I can live with that. But to go through all the trouble to destroy such beautiful and long-time lovestories of J&M and other supercouples for no good reason makes me so mad! That's disrespectful to long-time viewers. That's not good soap-writing. I feel this way even though I've only been watching since 2007 and I've watched good old Days only on Youtube..

And what comes to the ratings, I honestly believe they stay pretty much the same these days no matter how good or bad the show is because there's always that core audience that sticks with Days and tunes in out of the habit. I don't think any individual cast member really is irreplaceable. But I still want the show to respect long-time characters and actors with a proper send-off if they are to go.
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