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Between this and Corday's interview talking about how they keep 'iconic' characters that they know fans want to see...I'm done. Not because I'm that big of a John fan, although I am of Jarlena. True, Drake's acting wasn't great this last stretch but dear god, even at his worst it is better than JT and they keep him around. Likewise, the likes of the actor(s) playing Cameron and some of the hair models they try and pass off as actors. I'm still, however, of the opinion that much of Drake's bad 'acting' of late was tied up with the dilemma of how do you play a character you know is so completely out of character? And it is him being so out of character that has coloured opinion of his acting. But I digress...

The manner in which the writers (which Corday heaps with such praise) have destroyed an iconic couple is just plain and simple an insult to me. They want to get rid of the character of John, fine - there were ways of doing it without destroying the character and the couple that many times was once a bedrock of this show. Hell, even Higley was able to that and that's saying something.

There are plenty of times when I've loved characters and couples on TV shows only for them to be screwed with for the sake of ratings and viewer interest. That isn't what has happened here. But in those cases, I went with the flow.

In this case, there seems absolutely no point to their destruction. No plot, not done for angst in keeping the couple apart, no set up for a long term story - nothing. The writers have gone out of their way to make people want John to leave and so they have achieved their goal. The only thing they have achieved from this long-time viewer though is anger. And I refuse to watch again.
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