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Rory isn't a strange name for a teenager, IMO. It's appropriate. Cole is also an appropriate name. Matilda isn't, nor is Marge (but Marge isn't a teenager, so that's a moot point -- however, when I hear names that seem more appropriate for older people, I always think about the fact that they weren't always "older people"...). Bev is a strange name, and if it's short for Beverly, that's not an appropriate name for a teenager, but oh well. I don't see an issue with the name Cordelia, but maybe that's because of my love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I wouldn't shorten it to Delia, though, and I certainly wouldn't shorten it to DeeDee. If anything, I'd shorten it to Cordy or Cord.

Of course, whether a name is "appropriate" or not is an entirely subjective topic, so there's that.

Bev's name has been shown on the closed captions since her debut (I always turn them on when a new character arrives, because you can often find out the character's name that way, long before that name is mentioned on-screen), but I'm pretty sure that her name has not yet been uttered on the show. Chyka's name wasn't uttered during his first few appearances, either, but it has been mentioned at this point.

You have to give the writers some slack here, IMO -- it can't be easy to keep coming up with new names (or names that, at the very least, haven't been used recently and don't already "belong" to important characters from the past) on a show that has produced hundreds of episodes per year for over forty-seven years, especially for minor characters that will likely only be around for a few weeks. At least they aren't naming the characters things like "North West" or "Blue Ivy". :eyeroll:
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