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Jul 2 2013, 03:21 PM
Jul 2 2013, 02:52 PM
EJ confronted Kristen back in October saying that she was the one who ripped him out of his mother's arms and tried to pass him off as her own. They already tackled it. She said, "That was such a long time ago."

See someone's covered this.

What more could the show do with that?

They've brought up Susan on multiple occasions. Nicole even mentioned Kristen having doppelgangers. What I like about this writing team is that they haven't swept anything under the carpet.
What I wish they'd done with it is shown more instances of Kristen thinking of EJ like a son. Well, what I really wished they had done was reveal that Kristen had kidnapped EJ and raised him as her own, leading to a story in which EJ searched for his real mother once John and Marlena filled him in on who Kristen really was.

But anyway, it kind of bothers me that EJ and Kristen almost instantly bonded as siblings and that Kristen barely seems more interested in EJ than in her other brother Chad.
I'm no chad fan, but I did enjoy the few interactions that Kristen and Chad have had.
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