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Jul 3 2013, 03:59 AM
Ok, I lied. Sonny is just too sickly sweet. I can't stand it. I don't buy Will as a cooing dad either. They need to give this couple something spicier soon. And I can't stand this soap-version-of-Three's-Company bullshit. If not for the coma, I'd say Gabi should be living with Rafe. Or with Kate even, as Kate originally offered. Maybe this will heat up soon and stop being so absurd.
Yeah, why can't Gabi stay in Rafe's place since he's in a coma? It's not like it's being used at the moment. I'm sure he'd want her there anyway once he wakes up. And Nick already gave her some money and would probably help with rent if needed. But I guess she needs more than just a place to stay since she can't leave the house with the baby to go meet Nick. She needs her babysitters. Since when can't the baby leave the house and has to sleep at home all the time. Wake that kid up and maybe she'll start sleeping through the night. Most parents do go out of the house with their baby. I know I had to.
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