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Jul 3 2013, 09:34 AM
Jwsel:May I ask why you don't like Sami?I think GT intends to make
Sami sweat even though she did a heroic thing by saving Rafe.I see how the writer is leveling out the playing field with
these beat downs and shootings.Oh well I guess he is just repairing
the show.I love the writing for Ejami.I know Sami would and she
has saved EJs.
I could write volumes on why I don't like Sami, but the short answer is: (1) I find Ali Sweeney a mediocre actress who often phones in her scenes; (2) I despise how the character is inexplicably front and center in numerous storylines when far more interesting characters and better actors are backburned (and has been consistently in the forefront for years); and (3) I fail to understand why any man would actually be interested in Sami yet I have to endure her endless romantic couplings.

Once upon a time, Sami might have been an interesting character. She either could have been built up as a scheming, long-term villain who remained a thorn in the side of "heroes" like Carrie and Belle (and a newer generation of Bradys and Hortons). Or she could have been redeemed as a hardscrabble single mother who learned from her mistakes and built a life for herself and Will. Instead, she became this bizarre creature who somehow attracted every man in Salem for an endless merry-go-round of musical beds, popped out multiple children that she barely seems to care about, and became a miracle super-executive despite never obtaining an education or ever actually working. She also has committed numerous crimes without being punished and now I'm supposed to feel sorry for her for shooting a man in the back when she could have just shouted for him to stop.

I also find Sami symptomatic of where I think Days really went wrong in its development. It forgot that the great classic characters were not just romantic couples, but they were characters with individual identities and careers. It seems that since Sami moved to the forefront with the Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas storyline, every woman on the show's great aspiration has been to find a man, keep him through any means possible, and have his children. Nothing else seems to really matter.

Okay, maybe that wasn't so short. But I hope I gave you my answer.
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