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Jul 3 2013, 11:01 AM
Jul 3 2013, 02:08 AM
The DR got on to Jeremy and made him apologize to Elissa. Said they're taking money from his stipend to buy her a new hat.

Meanwhile, Aaryn took the bed that Elissa and Helen have been sharing, forcing Helen and Elissa to sleep in the Have-Not room.

Also, earlier, when talk came up about Rachel, Elissa denied knowing her. (Ok, c'mon, Elissa. The jig is up. Everyone knows!)

And in case anyone hasn't heard, Candice accidentally sat on Aaryn's hat shortly after the HG's moved in, and Aaryn will NOT shut up about it. Seriously! The bitch brings it up every 5 minutes!!!!

From what I read, Candice never sat on Aaryn's hat. It was made up by Spencer.

I thought Elissa finally admitted to being Rachel's sister to the HGs?

Aaryn is fucking skank, I cannot stomach her. I am glad the modeling agency dropped her homophobic, racist ass.

From what I read, MC wants to ditch Aaryn next week, but Amanda is pushing for Nick to be nominated. I love that other names, besides Elissa is being thought of. But they can't get rid of Nick. :'(
The whole hat thing is ridiculous. There isn't even anything wrong with it! Aaryn and Candice did kind of make up last night, but Aaryn is such a bitch. Did you guys her tearing down David the other night? She was so mean to him! I can't feel too bad for him though. He could have stood up for himself. He just sat there ant took it from her.

Yeah, they all know she is Rachel's sister. She isn't denying that at all.

I doubt they will get rid of Nick. Amanda is not part of the MC. She is with McCrae though.

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