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Nicole and EJ butt heads

Kristen attempts to move forward with her latest scheme

Abe gets wind of some trouble at the high school

Brady seeks out vital answers from John

Adrienne makes a most shocking discovery

Credit: jcren

**UPDATED 7/5**

Monday ("Confession")
Brady listens in on Kristen's sincere confession to Jennifer; Kate worries that she is responsible for Rafe's health condition.

Tuesday ("Drug Deals")
Brady calls John for advice; Marlena and Will talk about his relationship with Sonny

Wednesday ("Brady Wants the Truth")
Brady wants answers from John regarding the night of the attempted seduction; Sami digs herself into a bad situation.

Thursday ("Getting High")
Brady has trouble coping with Kristen's true feelings; Abigail is angered when she finds Theresa getting high in Jennifer's office.

Friday ("St Luke's Opening")
Kristen loses an opportunity to talk to Brady because of her mission to ruin Eric; JJ tries to destroy a reunion between Jennifer and Daniel.

Adrienne realizes she holds Samiís fate in her hands

JJ panics when Abe gets wind of drug deals happening on the high school campus.

Will feels like a third wheel as Sonny works with Brent to redesign the coffee house.

Kristen attempts to track down the bishop, intending to show him the sex video.

Nicole is horrified when Eric relays EJís suspicions about her.

Marlena fears Sami and her family will become casualties of EJ and Stefanoís war.
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