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The only part I really agree with is Victor and Nikki being backburned!! Where is ruthless business man Victor Newman? All I see is my fav as a meddling busy body and therapist for his kids. JG & JFP have no clue who these characters are and are only interested in triangles.

Part of Y&R is business intrigue and it is non existent and when they try to write business, it is a mediocre attempt at best. They have 3 lawyers on the show but we have yet to see any of them in a courtroom. We have 3 cops on the show yet there is no major crime to solve, only the rehabilitation of Kevin Fisher. A student in a writing class could do a better job than these so called professionals.

MS leaving will not devastate the show. Big stars of soaps leave all the time and the show moves on without them. Y&R has enough powerhouses to carry it on but they need the writing to support them.
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