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I agree with others about Amanda. I really love her! OMG @ that little moment between her and McCrae in the HoH bed.

Thank God David went home. I agree King, he had NO business being in the house in the first place. I was disgusted when he told Julie he got bored of the game. Wow. Someone lost a chance to be in this over that dumb bro who was just in it to flirt w/the girls? Ugh!

I'm loving Elissa so much :D LOL @ her speech! Along with her & Amanda, my current faves are Candace (love her commentary), Helen, Andy, Nick & Howard. Judd also isn't half bad.

I like McCrae but he played an embarrasing game this week and I hope he's never put in that position again. Just no.

Jeremy & Aaryn are disgusting slags. I'm glad Ginamarie's cut was limited these past few eps. Still don't like Spencer.
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