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Jul 3 2013, 08:39 AM
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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1: Eric is talking to a nun in the rectory about the new school. Ciara comes in with Victor. Eric introduces them to the nun. Eric asks Ciara - What brings you here and what happened to your hand? Victor - She was pushing a friend on a swing ... Ciara - Hey! Let me tell Grandpa. Victor - Sorry. Okay. Ciara - My pinkie got caught in the chain. Eric - I bet that hurt a lot. Ciara - It did but not anymore. Eric - Well that's good. Oh I want to tell you. Everyone at camp said you were a hero Father Eric. You saved the new school. Nicole comes in. Eric - Actually, I didn't do it alone. I had a lot of help.

Kristen is watching her sex tape again congratulating herself. Time for step 2. Oh no.

Gabi is folding laundry when she gets a text asking if she can meet Nick in the park near the square. She sighs. Where are Daddy and Sonny? She sends a reply.

Nick is reading his text when Vargas joins him at his table in the Brady pub. Nick thanks him for meeting him. Vargas - Yeah, what do you want? Nick says he mentioned this before - the two of them going into business together. Vargas remembers but it seemed pretty pie in the sky to him. Nick hopes that it won't now that he's come up with some ideas and he put it in writing. He hands over a paper to Vargas. Kate walks up - Selling someone else's secrets Nick? Nick introduces the two. This is my ex-boss Kate Roberts and this is Vargas. He's an old friend. Vargas - Cellmates actually.

Adrienne greets Sonny in the square with a hug. Sonny tells her that Will is picking up some baby clothes and he was going to pick up takeout but the café is closed. Adrienne - Yeah. This is where they had the memorial service for that cop; the one ... Will walks up - The one that my mom killed. Is that what you were going to say?

Sami wishes now that she had told her family about the hearing. If it's bad news it's going to hit them like a ton of bricks. The clerk comes out and hands Justin an envelope. He opens it and reads the notice. EJ - What does it say Justin? Justin - They didn't vote to indict. Sami - OMG, it's over! EJ - Congratulations. Smiles and hugs all around. Mrs. Bernardi - NO! No! That's not possible. Your father, he made this happen. Sami - My father isn't even acting Commissioner ... Mrs. B. - Don't give me that. You're the commissioner's daughter and you know that you can get away with murder.

Adrienne apologises. I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject. Will tells her not to worry about it. Will gets a text from Lucas. Apparently the Grand Jury didn't indict mom. Adrienne - What! Are you kidding me?

Eric asks Ciara what she's doing here. Victor - Actually Ciara wanted to see the new school and I wanted to congratulate you on breaking up the gridlock at the State Capitol. Ciara - Father Eric can I see the new school now, please. The nun tells her the workmen are still finishing it but maybe they can take a look at what they have done. Ciara - Awesome! They leave. Nicole will let them talk. Eric - Please stay. He tells Victor if you're offering congratulations for the accreditations you should be talking to Nicole. She's the one that came to the capitol and found me when I was sick and she twisted a few arms otherwise things would have gone badly. Victor - Arm - twisting ... wasn't that your major in college? Nicole - I was just doing my job Victor. Thank you. Victor - There's one thing I don't understand though, if you were too ill to ask for help what induced you to drive all that way to come to the rescue.

Kristen watches where Eric asks 'what just happened?' You can't be hesitating ... you have to be in to it. She edits those scenes. Damn it ... damn it to hell!

Segment 2: Justin tries to calm the widow down to no avail. Mrs. B - I thought I'd be able to go home and tell my little boy that the woman who took his daddy away from him was going to pay for what she did. What do I say to him now? She not only wanted Joe dead, she doesn't want his son to think he's a hero. Justin - I know the police dept provides counselling. Maybe someone there ... Mrs. B snaps - Explain why life isn't fair and murderers get set free. I don't need counselling to tell me why that happened. She's a Brady so the fix was in. That's why she's not in custody right now. You'll pay for this. I'll see to it. EJ - I really don't think this is the time for threats Mrs. Bernardi. Justin - He's right Mrs. Bernardi. A cop comes up to them. Marge, Timmy needs you at home. Marge - She got away with murder.

Kate - I like that about you Nick. You have such lovely friends. Vargas - We both did our time now we want to move on without being judged for what we did in the past. Kate - It's been my experience that people are always judged by what they've done in their past. Nick - Well you'd know better than anyone Kate, wouldn't you? Vargas - I've got to go. I'll be in touch. He leaves. Kate - So if you asked me to meet you because you're hiring a lawyer you can save your money and my time because I have every right to fire you. Nick - I haven't hired a lawyer. I came here to give you this. He places a flashdrive on the table.

Gabi has changed. She sends a text. I'm late for an appointment. Where are you guys? Ari starts crying.

Sonny - It's so unbelievable that Sami didn't get indicted? Adrienne - I'm just surprised that's all. Justin was saying that Grand Jury's tend to indict. Will - I guess this one didn't. Maybe they figured she didn't do anything wrong. Adrienne - Honey, she shot a man. Will - Yeah, to save a man. Adrienne - Yes, according to her. Will - I don't like where this is going. Neither does Sonny. Adrienne - Wait, I'm not bad-mouthing your mother. I'm sure she didn't mean to harm anyone. It's just that I'm surprised that there wasn't a trial, that's all. Will - Maybe what happened was she told the truth and the Grand Jury, unlike some people in this town, believed her. Will gets a text. Gabi needs to go out. I've got to get back to the apt. Sonny will go with him. Adrienne - Sonny, wait, please. I didn't mean ... they're gone.

Nicole - I knew that Eric had left his notes behind and I couldn't fax them over so I jumped in the car and headed to the Capitol. I didn't know Eric was sick until I got there. Eric - And she's the one who got me to the hospital. Vic - What an inspiring story. You've become an exemplary assistant Nicole going above the call of duty to St Luke's and Father Eric. Eric - And I'm grateful. Nicole not only got me back to Salem, she got those bureaucrats to realise how petty they were being. Eric gets a text from Justin. OMG, I have some wonderful news.

Sami stands in the doorway of the room the hearing was held in. I was so scared and I feel so terrible for Bernardi's wife and their poor little boy. EJ tells her she didn't murder Bernardi. He died because he had a secret life his wife didn't know about. They hug.

Kristen - Fantastic ... maybe I should have left it the way it was. Poor thing. Eric, you had no idea what was happening to you. It's too bad I have to go to such lengths but I do. This has to be perfect before I make my next move. She stares at Stefano's portrait. I have it!

Segment 3: Nick - Don't worry, it won't bite. Kate - What's on it? Nick - It's something I developed while I was still on your payroll which means legally it belongs to you. You know, the formula that Sami and EJ stole. Kate - Yeah, I do. Nick - Well, what's on there will make what they have look like old-fashioned cold cream. Kate smiles. Look, if you think that I'm going to rehire you ... Nick - I'm trying to do the right thing Kate, that's all. Kate - That would be a refreshing change Nick. Nick - You know what ... I was going through a lot back then, personal things, and that's why Sami and EJ were able to steal that formula from me. You went out on a limb and you took a chance on me and I think that you deserve something for that. Kate - Okay, so that envelope you were giving to Mr. Vargas, are you patching things up with him as well. Nick - You know Vargas is really none of your business. Kate - Why's that? Did he rape you in prison too? Nick - Ah, actually no, Vargas saved my life.

The guys come back to the apt all smiles but Gabi ties in to them for going shopping and being late. You should have texted me. We're supposed to be in this together. Will - We are, today hasn't been an ordinary day. Gabi - I have to go. Ari's asleep. I made 2 bottles, they're in the fridge. I'll see you later.

Nicole - So what's the news? Eric - It's such a relief. Sami's been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Grand Jury. Vic - Well more proof that God works in mysterious ways. Nicole - That's great news. I'm really happy for you and for Sami's kids. Eric has something to take care of. He leaves. Nicole - I've got some work to do. I'm sure you don't want to stick around here and chat with me. Vic - Actually I do. Why don't you start by telling me what's really going on around here.

Kristen is searching her phone. What's that name? It's been a while since Stefano gave it to me. I hope I didn't delete it. That's it. Excellent. She reaches the foyer just as Sami and EJ arrive. Sami has her tablet out and she's telling EJ she doesn't want her Dad to hear the good news from anyone but her. Kristen - Good news? EJ - Samantha testified in front of a Grand Jury this morning. Kristen - And it went well. Sami - Actually it went very well. The jury decided not to indict me. Kristen - Fantastic. I was so afraid that you'd have to spend lots of time in the slammer. Sami and Kristen banter. EJ tells Sami that they have something important to talk about. They go into the living room and close the door. Kristen mutters - It's too bad I couldn't use you Sami to get back at your mother but then again, you don't swing that way. At least I don't think you do. That's too bad, it could have been glorious.

Segment 4: Kate - You went through a really horrifying ordeal in prison and I just made a completely flippant remark and I apologise for that. Nick - I had it coming. I did some pretty horrible things to Will. I said some rotten things about him and Sami. Kate - No, even if payback was in order, I was totally out of line and I apologise. Nick - I hope what's on there works for you Kate. He leaves.

Adrienne goes up to Marge and the cop in the square. She reminds Marge that they work on the board together. Marge - Right. Your last name is Kiriakis. Your husband defended the woman who murdered my Joe. Adrienne - Yes he did. Marge - You must be proud. He got her off. Adrienne - All I can say is how deeply sorry I am. Marge - Are you really? The cop urges Marge to leave.

Sonny and Will hope Ari wakes up soon otherwise she'll be up all night again. Sonny - Gabi is mad enough at us as it is. Will concedes she had a point. Sonny - You didn't get to tell her the news about your mom. Will was upset that she went off on him. Sonny - Why, because you're the parents and I'm the outsider. Will didn't mean that. Sonny got this apt so the 3 of them could take care of this baby. Will - That's how it's going to be. Will doesn't know how they would do any of this if he wasn't here. Will is starving. They have no food so they're going to order in. Will thinks he left his credit card at the store. He'll be back in a flash.

Nicole - You think something is going on ... like what? Vic - That's what I'm trying to figure out. How do I reconcile the woman who ran Titan like a shark and spent money like a Kardishian with the humble, devoted clerk slaving away in the church office, saving the new school in her spare time. What gives? Nicole - I'm having trouble reconciling the woman I am now with the ambitious, idiot who married you. People change. Maybe I actually enjoy this ... Vic - Life? Vargas steps back as Vic continues. Don't kid a kidder. You haven't changed Nicole. You're the same opportunistic liar you've always been. Maybe you're seeking opportunities in different areas. Nicole - You're wrong about me. Vic - I don't think so. People like you never change unless of course it helps them get something that they want.

Sami and EJ drink to new beginnings. Sami can't help think of Mrs. Bernardi's new beginnings as a widow. EJ points out that Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll. Sami rebuts by saying Mrs. Bernardi didn't know that. He went out of his way to make her think he was this perfect husband and father. EJ admires her for having compassion for the wife of the man who tried to kill her ex-husband. You have a heart young lady.

Kristen answers a knock on the door. It's Eric. Hi Father. To what do I owe the pleasure.

Segment 5: Sonny is vacuuming while cradling Ari in a baby carry all on his chest. Someone is at the door. It's Brian. He wanted to know if it was true about Will and the baby. It is. Brian - Are you insane?

Will greets Kate outside the pub. They chitchat a bit then Will asks how she is. She just had this kind of upsetting meeting with Nick. Will - What did he do? Kate - Actually nothing. He was trying to make amends but that didn't stop me from reaching into my arsenal and making a really hurtful remark. Will - What happened exactly? Kate - You don't need to know because you have enough on your plate. Will - If it makes you feel better you could always come back with me and see the baby. Kate - I would love to but I'm going by to see Rafe. They're going to wake him up today which is good news for everyone. Will - Yeah, you can tell my mom. Kate - What about her? Will - What, you don't know. She went before the Grand Jury today and for some reason they decided not to indict her. Kate - That's great. I'm happy for the family. I'm a little surprised. I thought maybe she had run out of luck. EJ and Justin really managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat, huh.

Adrienne is at home; so is Justin. Adrienne heard he won in court today or Sami did. Justin - Yeah, I told you. Adrienne - I was with Will when he heard and then I ran into Marge Bernardi in the square. She looked awful. Justin - Why wouldn't she? Adrienne - I know you did a good job with Sami. When I think about Marge going home to that house, his clothes still in the closet, the empty side of the bed ... I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you. She hugs him.

Nick and Gabi are in the park. He asks how she and the baby are doing. Gabi - We got through our first night. She woke up a lot so we didn't get a lot of sleep. Nick - Is Will helping? Gabi - Yeah, Sonny too. Nick - I hear they're bringing Rafe out of the coma soon. Gabi - Today. Nick - Is he going to be okay? Gabi - I hope so. Nick - Me too. Gabi - You didn't ask me to come over here so we could chat. You want to talk about us. Nick - I figured something out about our future. Gabi - You mean if we have one.

Nicole - I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince you I've changed. She sees Vargas in the doorway. I didn't know you were there. Vargas - Sorry, the door was open. Vic - Who's he? Nicole - This is Vargas, he works here too. Vic - Vargas. Hope Brady is my daughter-in-law. She tells me you helped find that lunatic on Smith Island. Vargas - I did what I could. Vic - Good work. I better find Ciara. Pleasure talking to you Nicole as always. He stops in front of Vargas. I understand you're trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Bit of advice. Keep your distance from that one. He leaves. Vargas - What's his problem? Nicole - Don't get me started. Vargas - You shouldn't let him talk to you like that. You were really good about helping Father Eric and because of you that new school is going to open so who cares what that jackass thinks. Nicole - How come I haven't seen you around here lately? Vargas - I've just been getting my ducks all in a row. Nicole - Why? Vargas - I'm leaving.

Kristen - I'm surprised to see you. How are you feeling? Eric - Much better. I guess it's some kind of bug. I'm actually here to see Sami. I heard the good news today. Kristen - Isn't that great. She's in the living room. Eric - I'm sorry about what I said to you at the hospital today. I just wasn't myself. Kristen - No worries. We're just human right. Eric goes into the living room. Kristen mutters - Even a priest like you. She heads upstairs leaving her laptop in the foyer.

Eric thanks EJ for standing by Sami. EJ congratulates Eric. He heard the school finally got their accreditation. Eric - And we are going through with the dedication. Sami says Johnny, Allie and Sydney are so excited about the new school. She comments that they have to show Eric the video the kids made. EJ - Yes, it's quite an accomplishment. Sami says it's on her tablet in the foyer. She asks EJ to get it for her. It appears that EJ picks up Kristen's tablet.

Upstairs Kristen is on her phone. Is this Darren Smith. Stefano DiMera is my father and he said you did a really good job editing a project of his. He was very impressed. I have some footage that needs editing and I was hoping you were available right now. It's more of a personal nature. Not too complicated ... I uploaded it on my tablet. She realises she doesn't have it with her. I have to call you back.

EJ hands the tablet over to Sami. She tells Eric not to get a big head when he sees this ... this is going to change the whole way you see yourself. She hands it over.

Segment 6: Nick - When I met you I pretended to be somebody I wasn't and you fell in love with that guy, not me. Gabi - You found out the things that I did and you forgave me. Nick - That's not enough, not for somebody like you. Gabi - And you took care of me. Nick - I went behind your back and I blackmailed your best friend, the father of your baby. Gabi - What are you saying Nick? Nick - I think you know. Too much has happened. We care about each other and we always will but we shouldn't be married.

Kate - So you and Sonny, how's that going? Will - Great. I guess it seems like we just moved in together ... Kate - And you don't have any privacy and you're wondering if you'll ever have it again. Will - Totally but we both love Ari and neither of us mind making sacrifices for her.

Brian - Wow, she really is beautiful. I always thought it would be cool to have a kid someday after I've seen everything I want to see and done everything I want to do. Sonny - You'll be an old man by then. It takes a lot of energy to deal with one of these. Brian - Does it bother you that she's not yours. Sonny - I'm with Will and she's Will's biological daughter so I feel that she's mine. Brian asks if the mother is still in the picture. He figures out that she's living here. Sonny - Yeah, she didn't have anywhere to go at least for right now. Brian - So the baby and the mother are a package deal. That can not be what you want Sonny.

Adrienne - So if the charge had been manslaughter ... Justin - Sami might be facing a trial right now. And I get why Marge is so upset but the jury followed the law. Nothing was rigged. Adrienne - So Sami's just free. Justin - Barring any new evidence coming to light, this thing is over. Which I couldn't be happier about because now I get to spend my evening's with my wife again. They kiss.

Nicole - You're leaving. Vargas - Yeah. I came by to leave a note for Father Eric. Nicole - So all that talk about being grateful for having a chance to start over, that was just bull, right? Vargas - What can I say, my ship has come in. Nicole - Legally? Vargas - What I do now is none of your business okay. So now you can focus on solving your own problems. Nicole - And what problems do I have? Vargas - The fact that you're in love with Father Eric, I'd call that a problem.

EJ finds Kristen in foyer. She grabs the tablet. EJ grabs her hand - You have that look in your eye. Kristen - What look? EJ - Which member of Samantha's family are you targeting now Kristen?

Eric asks Sami why she has a password on her tablet. Because she has some work stuff on there. She hands it back. It's under the video icon.

Segment 7: Gabi - Are you talking about an annulment. Nick - I talked to a lawyer and he said that I did ... they call it emotional fraud. Gabi - An annulment is like it never really happened. Nick - Yes. So when you meet the right guy you can marry him in the church. Gabi - Not if you were the right guy Nick. Nick - I'm trying to do the best that I can for you. You've got your whole life ahead of you. You've got your baby to think about. You don't need any excess baggage. Gabi - I never thought of you that way. Nick - I'm not going anywhere and if we feel like trying again ... if that happens, then we'll do it again and we'll do it the right way. No secrets. Are we in agreement. Gabi - Yeah. They hug. Nick - I'll never forget our time together. I'll never forget the way you made me feel. He leaves.

Brian isn't sure he could do this. Sonny - If you loved a guy as much as I love Will his daughter would be like your daughter. Arianna makes us family and Gabi is part of that funny. I do love Will. Will walks up as Brian reminds him of the way he lived before. You were climbing mountains, pretty much doing whatever you wanted to do. Are you sure you want to give that up to change diapers? No offence, I can't see you staying too long. It's not who you are. Sonny - People change Brian. Brian - Right. Are you sure this isn't your latest adventure. I mean is this the life you want to be tied down to permanently?

Nicole - I love it when someone I barely knows tells me how I should be feeling. Vargas - Really! The old man that was in here before, he was right about one thing. You are a liar because you're lying to yourself. You need to face the facts and get a life Nicole because Father Eric is not playing at being a priest. He's in it for real. And if he figures out that you've got a thing for him he's going to freeze you out because he has to. He's not going to break those vows. Not for you or anybody else.

Sami asks if he's found it yet. No. Just keep looking, it's in there somewhere. They hear Kristen yelling at EJ - I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Sami goes to check what's going on. She tells them to keep it down - she's trying to convince Eric they're a normal happy family. Kristen just came down for this - she holds up a tablet. What - rubber ducky wallpaper. Sami - Sydney put it on there. How did you open in my tablet. Kristen - I typed in my code. Sami - It happens to be EJ's birthday. Kristen - Yes. Is that yours too. Sami - I have to change my password. No wonder Eric can't find that video the kids made. Kristen - What video? Sami - The kids made a video for him on my tablet. Kristen - That's your tablet? Sami - Yes. EJ - I must have picked up the wrong one from the table. In the living room Eric smiles. Here it is.
The friend who came to visit Sonny at the apartment is Brent (not Brian).
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