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Director: Phil Sogard
Scriptwriter: Jeanne Marie Ford

Segment 1: When Kristen realises Eric has her tablet she heads into the living room. Stop!

Justin is his on his cell at the coffeehouse. You realise the consequences of breaking a promise to EJ DiMera. Yes, but we have a firm deadline. I want you to call me as soon as Mr. Shin has made a decision once and for all.

Will continues to eavesdrop as Sonny says are you kidding me when Brent asks about being tied down.

Roman is at the Horton house. So whatever you can do I'd appreciate it. Jen - I'm just so happy to hear that Sami was exonerated. Roman - Absolutely. She's going to have to live with the knowledge that she killed a man but thank God the Grand Jury believed she did it to save Rafe. Should make your job a hell of a lot easier too. Jen - Does this mean that you're going to reinstated as Commissioner? Roman - We haven't gotten that far. I'm just glad we're spared a trial. Been there, it's not fun. In fact it's more devastating than you can imagine. Jen - I'm sure. JJ comes down the stairs.

Brady returns Dan's sunglasses. Brady is glad he stopped by the mansion. He was wondering if he had any new information on what put Eric in the hospital. Dan doesn't. Since the blood work came back inconclusive we may never know for sure if Eric was poisoned.

Kristen has her tablet back. Eric is sorry. I didn't realise ... Kristen - It's okay. Sami - What didn't you want my brother to see on your Tablet?

Roman greets JJ when he comes into the room. Roman has to go. He leaves. JJ - How long is everyone in this town going to hate me? Forever? Jen - Nobody hates you. JJ - Did you see the way that he looked at me Mom? Yeah. I did what you asked. I went to the store and apologised to the owner. Jen knows. JJ - Before that I went to class. I have a test tomorrow I need to study for. Jen - You can study later. You and I need to talk. JJ - You mean you yell and I just stand here and take it. Jen - No that's not what I mean. I think you're really lucky that the store owner decided not to press charges but if you think this is all over and we're just going to go back to the way things were before, you need to think again.

Brady - You couldn't convince Eric to take more tests? Dan - No, he's too busy with the new school. He doesn't want to know why he got sick as long as he's healed. Brady is glad he is healed. I feel pretty guilty for all the crap I gave him over Kristen. How did I ever think that I was in love with her? Dan - Weren't you? Brady - No. Dan - You feel nothing for her now? Brady - I feel something. I feel the urge to wring her scrawny neck every time I hear her name. Dan - I wish I could believe you my friend.

Kristen - I can't believe you'd say that Sami. So you'd have no problem letting anyone read what's on your Tablet. I have a great idea. Why don't we all share one Tablet. Wouldn't that be so cool? Who needs privacy anyway! Sami - You act like you didn't just run me down and snatch it out of my brother's hands. Kristen - Since humour and or irony seems to escape you, let me be a little more clear. This is my personal property and what's on it is nobody's business but mine. Can you get that? Eric - If it's so personal why do you have a video file with my name on it?

Segment 2: Brent - I knew it! That's why I came prepared. Sonny - What do you have this time? Brent - 2 tickets to the July 4th rave. It's going to go all night. Sonny - Remember Memorial Day last year. That was insane. Brent - That was nothing compared to this. This is the place to be. Come along. You know you want to. Sonny - Yes I want to ... Will steps out of the doorway when his phone buzzes. Sonny - Was that your phone? Brent - No. Sonny - I heard something. He looks outside the door. I guess I must be losing my mind. Brent - I know you're losing your mind if you say no to these. Sonny - I have to say no. I'm sorry but there's no place I would rather be then right here.

Kristen - I know it's hard to believe but you're not the only Eric in the whole wide world. Yesterday I had a video conference with Countess W's international marketing chief Eric Bicker. EJ confirms that. Kristen senses Eric doesn't believe her so she tells him to take a look. It gets really thrilling when he parses the sales figures from the Malaysian market around the 93 minute mark. Eric is fine, thanks.

Brady - When you've been used, abused and humiliated in front of your family like I was ... I don't expect you to understand how I feel right now and I hope to God you never do. Dan - You were ready to marry Kristen. I think there would be something wrong if you could just forget those feelings overnight no matter what she did. Brady - What does it matter anyway? Dan - Because you're my friend and so is Nicole ... the two of you were talking about running away. Brady - You think I'm using Nicole to get over Kristen. Dan - Are you? Brady - No and if you have to know, the trip is off. Dan - Feel free to tell me to mind my own business. I just don't want to see either of you hurt anymore than you already have been. Brady - That's not possible. I'm about as over Kristen as any guy could ever be and I don't want to ever her name or see her ever again.

EJ closes the door so that he and Kristen are alone. Sister, sister, sister. So what's on that Tablet? Kristen - You don't want to know. EJ - Are you okay? Kristen - Yes except for having to come to terms with the fact that I have the same lock code as Sami Brady. What does that say about me? EJ - It says the two of you will make wonderful sister-in-laws. Kristen can't wait. EJ leaves. In the foyer Sami apologises to Eric for living with a crazy person. At least Stefano's not here so there's only the one. Eric - No comment. Seriously, I snapped at Kristen earlier. She had every right to ask for her toys back and send me packing. Sami - You are too nice. Eric - There is no such thing. Sami - This is my house too and I always want you to feel welcome here. EJ seconds that. I'm so happy that you've made this really remarkable recovery. Eric - Whatever it was that made me sick, I'm just glad it's history. Eric leaves.

Jen - Do you remember the consequences we talked about? There will be no more video games in this house. There will be no movies. There will be no Wi-Fi. JJ - What! How am I supposed to do my homework? Jen - You go to the library. JJ - That's the kind of punishment you gave me when I was 4. Jen - And when you are in school you're there to learn so there will be no talking in class, there will be no texting. The only two people you can get hold of on your cell phone are Abigail and me. And I pay the bill so I'll be able to check your activity online. If you violate my trust in any way whatsoever ... JJ - You'll take away my phone too. Jen - Really? Really! You're acting like this is the worst punishment in the world. You could be in jail right now. Do you understand that? JJ - I'm sorry. I know I have to prove to you that you can trust me again. Jen - And it's not going to be as easy as you seem to think. JJ - Why not? Jen - Because we haven't even talked about Daniel.

Segment 3: JJ - What about Daniel? Jen - Don't do this right now. I'm not playing games with you. So much has happened these past few weeks and things that I wanted to believe you about JJ but this whole shoplifting incident made me realise ... JJ - What? That I'm a no good criminal just like your boyfriend called me to my face. Jen - You are not the victim JJ and you keep doing that. JJ - Of course not. So you're sure your boyfriend doesn't twist everything around to get me in trouble. He obviously sees me to be this manipulating, calculating bad guy who goes around breaking his stuff on purpose ... Jen - Talk about twisting things JJ. JJ - I am done with his crap and now he knows it too. Jen - What do you mean? JJ - After I apologised to the store owner I made another stop and let your boyfriend know I wasn't going to let him turn you against me. Was I too late?

Justin sends an email to EJ. Hong Kong on the fence again. Shin delaying vote until tomorrow. May be cold feet, could be more. Call me. He leaves the coffeehouse and runs into Will outside. They shake hands. Justin - How are you doing? Will - Great. Especially now that I know my mom's not going to jail so thank you so much for doing what you did. Justin - I'm glad justice was served. How's Arianna? Will - Great. You can come and see her anytime you want. Justin - Actually I'm on my way to see Sonny. Is he home. Will - Yeah, he is. Justin - You look a little tired. Will - That's because I am. Justin - Well you may feel that life as you knew it has suddenly disappeared but just know that while you may be sleep-deprived and overwhelmed, it does get easier. And it is worth it. Will knows that. Justin - If you need anything don't hesitate to call. See you later.

Brent - Were you just singing to that poor kid? Sonny - Yeah. She fell asleep in self-defence ... whatever works. Brent - Help me out. So you're telling me this is exactly where you want to be even if this is the last place you wanted to be? Sonny - Yeah. This isn't the life that I imagined but I love it. It's great. Maybe not every minute of every day but when she falls asleep on your chest you kind of forget about the screaming and the spitting up. Brent - Yeah until she wakes up and you're reminded all over again. Sonny - I think one of the reasons I love her so much is because I love her dad so much. Brent - OMG. You've got it bad. Sonny agrees.

EJ and Sami are at the pub. Sami states that a trial would have be so hard on her grandma. Sami is going to see Will. Are you going to come with me. Sure. EJ gets Justin's email. Sami - EJ, what's wrong?

Kristen is talking to a female. Now that I've made sure Sami Brady can't access my deepest, darkest secrets you're going to make sure nobody including an expert like yourself will know that the video's been altered. Girl - I can do that in my sleep. Kristen - You'll want to stay awake for this one. I should be charging you. I'll pay you the rest when you're finished. Make it snappy. The girl leaves. Kristen thinks some retail therapy would be good. I can buy myself something demure to wear to the premiere of my triple x production.

Dan comes into an exam room and thanks Eric for coming. Eric - Why did you ask to see me? Dan - Since we don't know exactly what caused you to get so sick I wanted to keep an eye on you; make sure that whatever it was is really out of your system. Eric is feeling great. Dan would like him to reconsider doing the blood tests. Eric doesn't feel that's necessary. I think I know exactly what happened to me at the hotel.

Segment 4: Sonny tells Brent to have fun at the rave. Brent - Call me if you change your mind. Sonny - I won't. Justin arrives. He remembers Brent. I thought you were out of town. Brent - For a year. I was studying in Europe. Justin - That must have been a big change. Brent - Coming home is a bigger change. He leaves. Justin - What did he mean by that? Sonny - Nothing. But I owe you a huge thank you for representing Sami. I knew you would win. Justin - That makes one of us. Sonny - If you want to hang out Will is going to be home soon. He wants to thank you as well. Justin - Actually I just ran into Will. Sonny - At the town square. Justin - No, the coffeehouse. Sonny - That's weird because he was going to pick up his credit card that he left at the baby store. It's like the opposite end of town.

Will sits outside the pub.

EJ - It's a problem with a distributor. Sami - Which one? EJ - It's nothing to worry about. Sami worries anyway. EJ - I almost lost your forever now I have you forever. We have no problems, okay. They go outside the pub and run into Will. Will - Hey mom, congratulations. Sami - So you heard the good news. Will - The great news. Sami - I want to thank your for getting Sonny's dad to ... Will - That wasn't me. It was all Sonny. Sami - Then I should thank him, don't you think? EJ brings up Sami spending time with Will's baby girl. Sami - You weren't supposed to tell him that part. I would like to see her. Are you going somewhere? Will - Not really? Sami - Well then, would you like to invite us over. Will - Sure, yeah.

Jen - I have said this to you so many times; you're not hearing me. Nobody tells me what to think and there is no way that Daniel or anyone else could ever turn me against you. JJ - I don't know. It seems like Abigail is the golden child. Every time I turn around you are grilling me about something I didn't do. Jen - That's not fair. I do not favour your sister. I never have. I would be giving her as much grief as I'm giving you if she were in trouble. JJ - Okay, so I'm not a perfect person but by God haven't I done everything you've asked. When you wanted to talk me to I came down and where were you? You were on the porch with Dr. Jonas making out. It's pretty obvious what your priorities are. Jen - My priorities are you and your sister. JJ - My priority is my homework and I can't do it as long as I'm standing here talking to you. He ignores Jen and goes upstairs. Jen grabs her purse and leaves. JJ comes back down and leaves as well. Sorry Mom, I've got better things to do.

Eric talks to Dan about certain events in the Bible. Some things just can't be explained by modern medicine. Dan - So you're saying God made this happen to you. Eric - I believe God makes everything happen. Dan - I believe that God has a wicked sense of humour then. Eric - How many tests did you run on me when I was in the hospital? You came up with nothing right? The big picture is that the school was in trouble and Nicole was inspired to save the day. As for now I am fine and I have an awful lot of things to do so if you'll excuse me. Dan - If you feel any kind of symptom I think God would want you to call me. Eric - I may be stubborn but I'm not stupid. Thank you very much for your time.

Kristen is strolling through the square checking her cell and carrying her shopping bags. Someone walks into her. Watch where you're going. It's Brady.

Segment 5: Seeing as they are going in opposite directions Kristen declares this to be kismet. See you later. Eric - Kristen, wait.

Eric is back at the rectory. Roman comes in and hugs him. Roman says he's looking a lot better. Eric feels great. He's going to hit the gym. What's up? Roman wants to thank him for all his prayers for Sami; looks like they did some good. I also want to talk to you ... Eric - That family stuff we discussed. Roman - I appreciate everything you've done so far. Eric - Let me check my calendar. As they're searching the desk Roman knocks over a cup of coffee. I'm sorry.

Justin says it's too bad she's still asleep. I was looking forward to having a little chat with her. Sonny says she'll be waking up soon crying for her bottle. Justin can stay for a bit. Sonny gets a text. That might be Will. It's Brent. This guy will not take no for an answer. Justin - What was the question? Sonny - He wants me to go to a 4th of July rave with him and I told him I can't but he's not getting the picture. Justin - Right. Sonny - Is that all you have to say? Justin - What did you want me to say? Sonny - I don't know. Something more supportive maybe. Justin - I don't understand. Sonny - I know. You don't understand because this isn't about you, it's about Brent. I think he's a really good guy but the way he reacts when I say I can't do something or just the way that he reacts to my life in general bothers me. Justin - How is that? Sonny - He thinks that everything he is doing is like really fun and exciting. Like he can travel in Europe and go to as many raves as he wants to. He's free and adventurous. But I don't like how he looks at me ... his old friend Sonny ... this fuddy guy who's just sitting at home with a baby and has all this responsibility. Justin - I think the greatest adventure anyone can have is raising a child. Sonny - Do you mean that? Justin - Of course I do and I get the feeling you think so too. That all this is exactly where you want to be; what you want to be doing. Sonny - It really is.

Kristen - What do you want? Brady - I heard you went to visit Eric in the hospital. Would you mind telling me hy? Kristen - You mean because I'm such a horrible person you can't fathom that I'd want to check in on the brother of my ex-fiancÚ. Brady - And the son of the woman you hate more than anyone. Kristen - I went to the hospital to deliver some paperwork for EJ. I walked past Eric's room and he was so sad and alone I couldn't keep walking. Brady - Sorry I asked. Kristen - I was gracious enough to answer your question. Now it's your turn.

JJ meets up with Rory and the girl in the park. Rory comments that he sent him 10 messages. JJ tells him his mom will take away his phone if he uses it for anything but emergencies. She thinks the more she punishes me the more she'll inspire me to do the right thing. Wrong! The girl asks what happened with the cops. JJ - The store owner dropped the charges. Girl - I'm sorry all this happened. If Cole hadn't been such an ass ... JJ - It doesn't matter. He's not the guy I want. Anyway I don't know how long my mom is going to be out so do you guys have any ideas.

Dan comes home to find Jen waiting in the hallway. Jen thinks that fighting by text is a mistake. I didn't mean to blame you for Maggie getting involved in JJ's situation. I was embarrassed and frustrated. Dan invites her in or don't you want to. What Jen wants is to make things right.

Segment 6: Will, Sami and EJ come in to find Justin holding Ari. Sami - What! It looks like I'm going to have to wait in line. Sonny - She just spit up on Dad over there. I think your timing is better than you realised. EJ - Justin, it's good to see you. Sonny asks Will if he found his credit card. Will did. Sonny - You were gone so long I thought there was a problem. Will - I just had to run a few errors. Sorry I left you on guard for so long. Sonny - No, we had a great time. We were making a playlist for her bedtime tunes. I don't think she's going to be an Aerosmith fan. Justin has to get going. In fact, I have to finish up some paperwork on Sami's case. Sami - Thank you again for everything. Justin - See you. EJ - Actually I have to go take care of that email. See you in a little bit. He leaves. Justin is waiting outside. EJ - You assured me that by the time sun rose over Hong Kong this matter would be settled and my father would be out of DiMera Enterprises. Justin - And that may still be the outcome. But like I said the vote has been postponed until tomorrow. This Shin, he's waffling. EJ - Why? Justin - I don't know. He's very tough to read. EJ - Perhaps my father got to him which means he's not tough to read at all. We're being set up.

Dan invites Jen in. Dan owes her apology. I know things are complicated between you and JJ now. I didn't mean to make things worse by talking to my mom. Jen - It's okay. It's not like Aunt Maggie doesn't know JJ has problems; it's not like the whole town doesn't know my son has problems right now. On my over way I kept thinking about how I was going to say this and I realised I probably just need to say it. I really thought that I had things under control with JJ but it's clear to me that you're right, I don't. And after everything that happened today I have to stop hearing what I want to hear and I have to listen to what he's saying. I have to listen to the truth. Dan - Truth about what? Jen - About you.

The girl hands over some money to JJ. $26.60. What the hell are we going to do with that? Rory - Sit around and smoke some weed; enjoy this beautiful evening. JJ has a better idea. How about you go to your house and get what's left of your stash and we'll sell it and use the profits to do something real. Rory - Why don't we go get yours. It's so much closer. JJ - If my mom comes home it's gone and besides we're saving mine for ourselves, remember. Rory says they'll be right back. JJ will wait for them. A young woman walks up to him. So tell me the truth, was it really that good?

Roman helps clean up. Eric tells him it's alright. The board meeting got rescheduled and they haven't set up a new time yet so why don't I call you when I find out. Roman - Alright. I'll get out of here. Are you sure you want to hit the gym. Eric is just going to shower and go to bed. Roman - Maybe you're not a 100% after all. Eric - No, it's just that I lost an hour in the middle of the day. Dr. Jonas wanted me to come in for a follow up appointment. I told him I'm fine and to forget about it, I did.

Kristen - You called me last night. Why did you hang up? Brady - Because I knew I was wasting my time. Kristen - Are you sure you didn't call to figure out a way to say you're sorry. Brady - Sorry? Kristen - Yeah. For throwing me away like a dog you sent to the pound to die. I'm glad you didn't call to say you were sorry because those are the last words I want to hear out of your mouth. Brady - I am not sorry. Do you hear me? Kristen - You will be soon enough.

Segment 7: Sami wants to thank Sonny again for not telling his dad about the video. Sonny - It's no big deal. Ari is fussing. Sonny thinks she needs to be changed. Will's got it. Sonny tells him to visit with his mom. It's past her bedtime and I really want to try out those new bedtime playlists. Will - I hope I'm not asking him to do too much. Sami - I didn't hear you ask, he offered. He wants to be here.

EJ - If my father's figured out what we're up to, I've borrowed you a world of hurt. Justin - I knew exactly what the dangers were when I signed on for this. EJ - So what do you suggest we do to prepare for tomorrow. Justin - I know what I'm going to do and I'd advise you do the same. Sleep with the lights on and both eyes wide open.

Jen - I know how you feel about JJ and I think you know how he feels about you. But my son is lost. He's lost his father and now he's lost his way and I can't make any more mistakes. He needs to come first. So I'm thinking that maybe it would be best ... Dan - Are you saying that you don't want to see me anymore. Jen - No, I'm just asking you if we can take a little break for now, please. Dan - So that JJ can see how much power he has over you. Jen - No, so he can see that I value his feelings and that I'm listening to what he's saying. Dan - In other words you think I'm the reason he's acting out. Seriously? Breaking up with me is not going to fix your son.

JJ - What did you say? Girl - I heard you say your stash was too good to sell. That means there's only one other thing that it's good for. JJ - Alright. It's not fun doing it alone.

Brady - Is that a threat? I'm sorry I started this whole conversation. Kristen - You will be though Brady. You're going to be so sorry and everyone around you.

Eric is in the shower. He starts having flashbacks.
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