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I love that David is gone! What a clueless moron! Good riddance! And it was great seeing Aryn's face when he was voted off.

Elissa is much better than Rachel when it comes to personality, but I think Elissa sucks at this game. She doesn't think AT ALL and her strategy SUCKS.

I love Amanda as well. I think she's my main favorite now. I also like Helen and Andy and wish they would play more, but they look like floaters. Also, I like Nick. But he's really not the amazing player as he think he is.

Absolutely hate the Jeremy/Aryn/Kaitlin/GinaMarie crowd. Ew! I don't really like Spencer either.

I'm pretty meh on Candice, Jessie, Howard and Judd.

McCrae seems sweet, but he doesn't seem like a good player either. And he's so awkward. I can't believe Amanda hooked up with him. That was so awkward to watch. LOL

I am dying to know who won the HOH, so I am off to find out!!
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