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Panda Panda
Jul 4 2013, 04:58 PM
Jul 4 2013, 09:03 AM
Ok seriously, if that wasn't intentional (it wasn't, was it?), that's the type of thing someone should get fired over. Let's discuss how many people would have had to miss that:

1) Cameramen. Days recently got rid of some longtime cameramen; I wonder if that was the reason. It's part of the cameraman (or woman)'s job to look for things like that. Boom mic, boom mic shadow, even an error in a piece of paper on set, like a real estate deed with the wrong name. Their eyes are the viewers' eyes while filming.

2) Director and assistant director(s), who are looking at the shots on monitors and deciding which to use.

3) Editor(s), who piece together the final product.

4) Post-production people who, for example, add the sound cues (da-DUM when something ominous happens).

5) Not to mention any post-post production people such as promos and website admins.

NONE of these people noticed this? And before anyone says it was such a hot love scene, lol, these people look at so many of these... was this one really hotter than any of the hundreds (thousands?) over the years? I'm sure this is a casualty of the taping schedule (pressure to do things quickly and overlook errors, though if this had been caught I'm sure it would have been re-shot), and the new cameraman. Sigh.
Days also has that "One take" policy so if there is any screw ups while filming it's not like they're willing to go back and reshoot. I firmly believe that's why we got to see the dancing extra a few months ago.
It's not a hard and fast rule; I remember a JS interview where he said that they do 2nd takes very infrequently. Obviously if something goes very wrong, they'll do a second take, but I think the actors are encouraged to ad lib around forgotten lines rather than just pausing and starting over.
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