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Jul 4 2013, 10:38 PM
I disagree with the person with said that Sami has never had financial issues because of her mom and stepfather (who by the way is estranged to her mother). Sami is a grown woman with her own kids. she can not rely on mommy and stepdaddy to pay her bills. she did live at Marlena's for a short period of time while she could not make ends meet, but that was a temporary handout.

Sami always had her own apartment and struggled for years for money. Brando had to pull some strings to get her a job at the hospital because she was struggling to make ends meet. When Lucas got arrested she could not pay her rent. She worried about living on the street with her kids when Kate fired her last year. Sami has never rolled in money. Her family money is not hers, not until they die anyway (that is if they choose to leave her anything.)
Marlena's given Sami money more than once, and also offered her a place to live more than once. Sami also hasn't had to have a nanny or send her kids to daycare, which is a major spending post for most parents. She has Caroline and at times, Marlena. She also had several fathers who wanted to take responsibility for her children. Also something a lot of single moms don't have. Paying for her own apartment and food should be the least she can do. Marlena has always offered to help.

Brandon had to pull some strings because Sami had previously attempted AND succeeded broken into their lab computers to change paternity tests.
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