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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of July 8th

Jul 5 2013, 05:04 PM
Jul 5 2013, 04:46 PM
I loved when EJ got Sami and the kids
The Apartment.That is what he was suppose
to do as Johnny/Sydneys father.i would have
loved to see EJ doing more.Once Johnny needed
some new pants.That is EJs responsibility.The
writers showed Sami struggling at one point when married to Rafe.
Days is too dumb to figure out that Sami should be getting child support.

Rafe and Sami were struggleing because Rafe gave up his career for Sami. He thought that Will shot EJ in the head. He quit the FBI rather than turn Will in.

He loved Sami so much he was willing to give up everything just to protect her and her children and to make her happy.
It's too bad he didn't realize that Sami can't feel the emotion of love. She can only pretend, as long as the guy is kissing her ass.

Rafe stopped kissing her ass, so Sami is pretending to love someone else.
That is not quite right without even touching who Sami really loves, because I see no pretending :lol:

Rafe and Sami were not struggling because he gave up being an FBI agent, in fact he got a job at the SPD not too long after and all of that was in 2010. The financial problems started in end of 2011 when Mar/Dar took over and we were supposed to pretend that Sami and Rafe took care of the kids without EJ and Lucas' help (utterly RIDICULOUS if you ask me) and Rafe lost his job in the whole John mess.
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