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Jul 4 2013, 07:11 PM
Another great episode!

I haven't loved Jen this much in months. This all due to JJ. Casey Moss is such an incredible actor and has made love Jen. Casey is acting like such a prick and need his ass kicked in. I get that Jennifer didn't mourn long enough for Jack. But she was already into Daniel before Jack was out of the picture. I never bought Jack and Jennifer after she was with Daniel. I really wish she would just admit that. JJ has made Jen/Daniel interesting to me.

Loved Theresa so far. This show needs a true bad girl her age. But I sure hope the plan isn't to pair her with JJ because they don't have an inkling of chemistry. I'd love to see her be tried with NIck if Blake is sticking around.

Chad and Abby I'm kind of over. They are great together but knowing that Casey is gone pretty much makes not care :( . This is why it's so dumb that Days tapes so far ahead. It makes the next few months seem pointless. This all seems pretty predictable now. Abby gets with Chad. Then Gabi gets with Cameron and Abby gets jealous and upset with Gabi. Chad then leaves the picture and Gabi wants to get back with Nick who is shacking up with Theresa? Ok maybe not exactly like that but pretty much what I'm guessing.

Really loving the Eric story right now. I found him boring at first but he is finally seeming interesting now that he got involved in Kristen's story.

As with Chad,Gabi,JJ, Eric,Nick, and even Jennier it's usually the writing that makes the difference.In the year and a half I have been following the show on DR,I have seen opinions of some characters change for the better once the writing for the character got better.
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