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Sweet and Salty

Jul 6 2013, 11:46 AM
Sweet and Salty
Jul 6 2013, 11:43 AM
camera shy
Jul 6 2013, 09:23 AM
Sweet and Salty
Jul 6 2013, 12:37 AM

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You know I was just thinking how young JJ is yet they're putting him out there as a sex symbol with his shirt off.......I hope it's for all the teengers they think are watching.
Yes! My God, he's just a baby in my eyes! He has my Jacobs tender body yet! He's being grounded! Cute, adorable, but....we are adults here I assume!! *shudder*
A) Why would you assume everyone here is an adult?
B) JJ is hardly the first teenage sex symbol this or any show has had.
C) The actor is over 18 anyway.
I don't necessarily think all on this board are adults, but I do assume most are. I assume that because it is a daytime show. It's typically watched by adult homemakers, key word "typically". I know times are changing and we have SoapNet and D V R's. my circle of people who watch Days are adult women. I know one college girl who watches sporadically. High School teens are in school in the daytime, and busy with class work, as with college age kids. I, myself, began watching as a Senior in High School, so I can't and haven't said, that young people don't watch soaps! As far as keeping up with it, rarer than homemakers busy and active! I was NEVER able to keep up with it! It wasn't a priority! Most teens just are too busy!

Of course he's not the first teen sex symbol on Days! And I totally see him being one! He's adorable!! Beautiful, beautiful eyes!! He's going to be a "hottie" for the teen scene! Him being on the show may very well bring in younger viewers! This may be the very reason our veteran actors are being written off and/or fired! Bums me out, because I still believe it's and adult show, and WANT it to be written that way! That's just for my own entertainment! I enjoy the younger actors just fine, but in the context of family. Totally just MY wish! And this is TOTALLY how I see JJ being written. As a TEEN sex symbol! Not for adults to drool over! If I'm wrong about the age bracket of posters on this board, I "eat crow". But I doubt it! I will gladly admit "my bad" if everyone pipes up to being a teenager! Even though he IS 18, myself I think, though legal, it's as a mother, I dislike adults ogling young men. I dislike a lot of things and since I have two sons that age I suppose I'm more attune to how awkward that makes me feel. My sensitivities, I'm sure, are in the minority.

If its teens ogling over JJ's body, don't blame them a bit. If its adults, I may just quietly s
walk away from the board or keep my opinions on the matter to myself.

No sin is worse than any other, but sensitivities are individual. Nicks situation was extremely close to my heart. Extremely. In my "soap mind", maybe I'm being overprotective of JJ. Laugh if you want, we all do it! -_-

I HOPE so much, I haven't insulted anyone.
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