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Sweet and Salty
Jul 6 2013, 01:38 PM
Jul 6 2013, 12:18 PM
I was just thinking, Sonny is racking up several potential criminal charges. Deleting that video would be obstruction of justice, right? Then there is breaking and entering into Nick's room and stealing his property. Which is also obstruction of justice in Will's case. Also, Sonny is complicit in corporate espionage because he helped Sami and EJ steal Nick's flash drives which allowed them to steal the formula.

If/When Adrienne turns over the video in Sami's case, it's going to cause a chain reaction that she didn't expect. How ironic would it be that she think's Will is going to hurt Sonny, when she could ultimately be the one that gets the ball rolling.
With all the rumors of who's staying and going in the young adult set: Chad (100% sure), Will (99% sure), Gabi (rumored), Nick (rumored), I could see a bunch of them finally going down for all their crimes. Or skipping town to avoid jail time. The young adult scene could be decimated.

Will they write Sonny off along with Will (and Gabi??)? Will they build Sonny up and build a new scene around him?
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