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Loving the flirtations between Dixie and Dr. Anders - I have a feeling once he takes those glasses off, he might be pretty hot! Nothing against Tad & Dixie, but unless they can get MEK to sign up, then breaking them up (without killing Tad off...again...) so she can move on would be fine with me. IMO, there's definite chemistry! :blowkiss:

LOVE LOVE LOVE me some David & Cara :cupid: and I'm glad we finally get to put a name to their son. Now, we just need the kid in Pine Valley so David can be a dad..hopefully, the kid will put him through some paces & make him earn the title.

I'm still on the fence with Zach and Lea. I read that Alicia Minshew (Kendall) is going to return for an episode or two, and that she gets some medicine from Binx. Not sure what's going on or if they're killing off her character so she gives the boys to Zach to raise, but as long as Ryan and Greenlee are NEVER EVER MENTIONED AGAIN, I'm cool with that. :yuk: :puke:
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