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Jul 6 2013, 06:34 PM
Jul 4 2013, 08:15 AM
Cane and Lily just " bonded" over the holiday and now tension rise between them :ermm:
Lily and Cane are one of the most boring and useless characters in YnR history. He reminds me of a damn pervert always rubbing his hands over her and kissing on her in public places. The way he smiles looks like he should be on a toothpaste commercial. He makes me want to vomit and Lily acts like some teenager with her first love when she is around him.

Believe me, Marriage is not anything like Lily/Cane marriage and I have yet to see one that is. All Roses and no thorns.
I agree, Cane pursing his lips cause he thinks it is sexy makes me want to hurl...He is far from sexy, kinda sleasy and slimy looking and acting to me. Not really a Lily fan (giggle), but I feel for her having to put up with his mauling her... :shrug:
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