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Jul 6 2013, 08:39 PM
Yes, I watched Passions, too. And the point is not that kids would be drawn in by rape, it's that they might be drawn in by the craziness. IDK how the story is going to play out, but people have compared it to JER's work and with good reason, at this point. You could summarize the Lady in the Cage as being about kidnapping and attempted murder and say that wouldn't be a draw for the younger people either, but it did hook people, because the story wasn't truly about the crimes. And to be clear, I'm not arguing that young people will be drawn in by this story, but I don't think the idea that they will is a farfetched belief, if it continues to have things in common with JER's work.
i get what you're saying now. I can't say I think of this as a crazy storyline (though after Vincent nothing will ever shock me on a soap again) but I do think JER-type writing can bring in younger viewers. I just wish they'd utilize his stronger storylines though if they want to do that, and not his B-storylines. They're getting the JER tempo & pacing & correct cues though which is more than half the battle in the creation of a good final product.
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