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In my opinion, if Tomlin and/or Whitesell are trying to emulate JER, they need to recall the fact that at the root of it all, John & Marlena still loved one another & neither just plain left town. Bo & Hope, same thing. Jack & Jen (although portrayed by different actors)...all of them at their cores were still head-over-heels for the other. The angst was in the way, sure - with Kristen, Billie, Laura/Stefano/Peter, etc, but you just knew that as long as they were all at least in Salem & communicating, they would find their way back together. Now...all the men are gone and sadly, it seems the writers don't have any intention of bringing them back. I guess Marlena will be the resident babysitter for Sami, etc since Caroline is probably not available, Hope will be the super-detective/mom and Jen will be in an endless battle of "I love you/I'm sorry/Blah blah blah" with Dr. Manwhore. All of that, coupled with Lexie learning that not only was Celeste her mom, but Stefano her father. Kate, Lucas, Austin & Sami & the whole Franco Kelly set-up. The Affair, the Possession, Stefano's amnesia & paralysis and Marlena helping him recover, then on to Aremid, the Letter, Paris, Lady in a Cage, The Pillow Baby, the Secret Room...Sami on death row, Vivian, Ivan, nurse Lynn, Laura getting zapped in the forehead by Stefano to wipe-out her short-term memory, Will being born & his paternity, Sami's amnesia that was not so real after all...there was a huge tapestry of characters and an ginormous umbrella of storylines that shot out even more twists & turns that interacted, and caused ripple effect after ripple effect... Love his style or hate it, JER knew how to write for more than a dozen characters, make it work, remember to include weather, night & day, people driving, etc...now...sorry, but comparing the Tomlin/Whitesell style to JER is laughable at best. Sorry, but I'd rather be in that frickin cage myself, at least there was some good French pastry & Bastille Day to look forward to.

And I know all of this cause I'm smack dab in the middle of Tammy's 1997 playlist. Again. Her site is sure better than the tripe on right now.
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