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Jul 6 2013, 09:02 PM
Jul 6 2013, 08:39 PM
Yes, I watched Passions, too. And the point is not that kids would be drawn in by rape, it's that they might be drawn in by the craziness. IDK how the story is going to play out, but people have compared it to JER's work and with good reason, at this point. You could summarize the Lady in the Cage as being about kidnapping and attempted murder and say that wouldn't be a draw for the younger people either, but it did hook people, because the story wasn't truly about the crimes. And to be clear, I'm not arguing that young people will be drawn in by this story, but I don't think the idea that they will is a farfetched belief, if it continues to have things in common with JER's work.
I think we sort of agree on some aspect that I can't quite pinpoint (lol). I think we'd agree completely if this story had an underlying story that was a little more clear to me. Right now, that doesn't appear to be the case, but who knows how it might be later on.
Not so sure if I can clearly express my thoughts but I think if KC and TPTB want to draw in new or/and younger audience let's say by shocking them they have to concentrate on visual representation of the stuff much more than they do now (Images have to be kind of shockingly eye-catching). The rape s/l we are talking about here wasn't shocking visually at all. Yeah, it was crazy and shocking but only if you consider the moral point of view, but this kind of shock "hits" (if?) mature viewers with life experience, not younger viewers who never watched the show before. I personally was uncomfortable and a little bit shocked but only because I couldn't understand why in the hell are they doing this, meaning where is the logic in Kristen's behaviour. The only logic I could see so far - TPTB are planning some dramatic reveal scenes for the sweeps eps. I can only hope they will revisit the harem stuff somewhere in the future to explain this but maybe it's too much to hope.

BTW maybe it's just me but while watching this (Kristen/blowgun, Kristen/giant syringe) and some other scenes (Sami shooting Bernardi/razor "in the role of axe") I couldn't help laughing and felt like I was watching some kind of mild dark comedy. Then it was "drama" again. So I think there are some visual experiments on Days. Is it enough to say it's going JER'ish (I would say he was extremely focused on visuality)? IDK. Is it good for a soap? IDK. (And I like Peter Greenaway very much.)
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