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T.J. Ashford: Lower back to recurring.

Shawn Butler: Keep on contract.

Nikolas Cassadine: Cast too big; fire or recurring.

Silas Clay: Recurring to be doctor @ GH; no big SLs.

Michael Corinthos: Recast with Drew Garrett. Keep on contract.

Morgan Corinthos: RECAST! with someone more like Carly/Sonny.

Sonny Corinthos: Keep on contract of course.

Alexis Davis: Keep on contract; may lower to recurring.

Anna Devane: Keep on contract!

Patrick Drake: Contract.

Felix DuBois: Leave town and never return.

Kate Howard: Now that Kelly Sullivan is gone, recast with Megan Ward again!

Dante Falconeri: Keep on contract.

Olivia Falconeri: Contract.

Franco: Bye bitch.

Carly Corinthos: Contract ofc.

Ava Jerome: Kill off.

Lauren Jerome: Kill off.

Maxie Jones: Contract.

Rafe Kovich, Jr: Kill.

Sam McCall: Contract.

AJ Quartermaine: Contract.

Tracy Quartermaine: Contract.

Theresa Lopez, I mean Sabrina: Kill off!

Mac Scorpio: Keep on contract and actually use.

Laura Spencer: Contract.

Luke Spencer: Keep on contract.

LuLu Spencer: Recast ASAP; on C.

Elizabeth Webber: C.

Britt Westbourne: C.

Scott Baldwin: Move to contract!

Spencer Cassadine: Leave with Nikolas.

Lucy Coe: Move to contract!

Kevin Collins: Get rid of.

Brad Cooper: Fire ASAP.

Taylor DuBois: Keep somehow on recurring.

Max/Milo: Keep on recurring.

Alice Gunderson: Keep on recurring.

Josslyn Jacks: Recurring; SORAS soon.

Epiphany Johnson: Keep on recurring.

Felicia Jones: Move to recurring!

Molly Lansing: Keep on recurring.

Duke Lavery: Get rid of.

Diane Miller: Keep on recurring.

Monica Quartermaine: Move to contract.

Damian Spinelli: Fire.

Ellie Trout: Fire.

Lesley Webber: Move to contract!


Robert Scorpio: Contract.

Holly Scorpio: Contract.

Ethan Lovett: Contract.

Kristina Corinthos: Contract; with Lexi Ainsworth.

Robin Scorpio-Drake: Contract.

Rick Webber: Contract.

Trey Mitchell: Contract.

Skye Quartermaine: Contract.

Lila Alcazar: Recurring; SORASed.

Brook Lynn Ashton: Recurring.

Matt Hunter: Recurring.

Bobbie Spencer: Contract.

John Durant: Recurring.
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